Are Ryann and James Still Together From the Ultimatum?

Reality television has a way of keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, especially when it comes to the intricate dynamics of relationships. One such couple that has been under the spotlight is Ryann and James from the reality series “The Ultimatum.”

As fans witnessed the highs and lows of their journey on the show, the burning question remains: Are Ryann and James still together? In this article, we'll delve into the latest updates on their relationship status and try to unravel the mystery that has kept fans guessing.

Are Ryann and James Still Together?

Ryann and James from The Ultimatum are still together and planning their wedding, as previously stated. However, Ryann and James' choice to get engaged was not made lightly. It was the result of years of love, patience, and, more recently, a sense of urgency brought on by Ryann's ultimatum on the show.

Ryann decided it was time to take action because she felt their relationship had progressed to the point where ambiguity should not have been a problem.

She gave James an ultimatum, asking him to confront his concerns about their future. Meanwhile, James was concerned about his financial security after graduation and finding a family-supporting job, but the show made things happen.

Are Ryann and James Still Together

James got a new job shortly after their time on The Ultimatum, and he's now aggressively searching to buy a house, indicating his eagerness to settle down. James stated that he had begun a new job and was in the process of “purchasing a new house.”

Ryann also highlighted her happiness, saying that she was ecstatic to marry James and see what the future holds for them. She acknowledged that their journey was unique and that some people may not understand it, but she stated that “if you are happy, that's all that truly matters.”

For both individuals, the couple's time on the show was a period of tremendous self-reflection and progress. Ryann and James both attribute their improved relationship to their willingness to communicate openly. They've made it a routine to talk about their thoughts, concerns, and future plans.

“Taking the time to work on ourselves individually and as a group has helped us tremendously.” “We communicate how we feel every day and are constantly looking for small ways to improve and grow our relationship,” Ryann said of her partnership.

This candor has strengthened their bond, making them feel more safe and dedicated to a shared future.

James also recognized that there were aspects of his personal life that required attention and improvement, particularly his emotional well-being. He admitted this by stating that he knew there was no “right time” to take such a risk.

“Sometimes diving headfirst into whatever you might be putting off is the better option,” he remarked.

Who Is Ryann?

Ryann McCracken, 24, is a radiologic technologist from Charlotte, North Carolina. @ryantaylorrrrr is her Instagram handle.

Are Ryann and James Still Together

Ryann was the one who delivered the ultimatum. Her first partner was James Morris, and her present one is Treyvon “Trey” Bunson. Ryann studied radiologic technology and x-rays at Florence-Darlington Technical College, where she began her studies in 2019. Ryann also has a Cameo account where she costs $15 for a personal video and $3 for a message.

Who Is James from The Ultimatum Season 2?

James Morris, 24, is a graduate student and research assistant from Charlotte, North Carolina. @jamesmorris_g98 is his Instagram username.

Ryann McKracken was his first partner, and Jeriah “Riah” Nelson was his new partner. In August 2018, James marked his three-year anniversary with Ryann by posting images of the two over the years on Instagram.

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“Three years ago, I made the best decision I could have made. I welcomed this lovely, incredible young lady into my life, and I couldn't be happier today. I'm so delighted I met you, Ryann McCracken, and I hope to spend many more years with you. I adore you so much “Happy Three Years, Babe,” he said in the caption.

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