Are Guerdy and Russell Abraira Still Together From RHOM?

‘The Real Housewives of Miami' follows the lives of a group of beautiful and rich women who live in the Miami area. It shows their personal lives, social circles, and interactions with each other. The cast changes throughout the show.

In the fourth season, Guerdy Abraira and her husband Russell Abraira made their debut. Their beauty, success, and desire to build a life together caught viewers' attention right away.

You might be interested in how their relationship is going right now and if they have stayed together over the years.

Are Russell and Guerdy Abraira Still Together?

Yes, Russell and Guerdy Abraira still going strong. The first episodes of the show introduced Guerdy and Russell. They talked about Guerdy's job as a celebrity event manager and Russell's job as a firefighter and chief.

Interestingly, they didn't fall in love at first sight like most people do. They met for the first time when they were sophomores, but Guerdy was seeing someone else. When they both played sports, their relationship began to form.

Are Guerdy and Russell Abraira still together

Russell played basketball, and Guerdy was very busy in volleyball. Because both of them loved sports, a teacher asked Russell to join the volleyball team, which is where they first met and started to get to know each other.

Russell said that Guerdy's beauty struck him right away, but he kept his feelings to himself at first because she was seeing someone else. They didn't start talking to each other until Guerdy broke up with her boyfriend at the time.

At first, Guerdy thought Russell was rude because he never responded when she called him by name. Russell, on the other hand, gave a different point of view. He said that he was a quiet person and that his answers had just not been heard.

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Guerdy said that she had decided to give Russell three strikes to respond to her greetings. When she got to strike three and still no answer, she was confused and decided to talk to him about it. Russell met her with a happy “Hey Guerdy” and a hug, knowing how Guerdy felt about how he didn't seem to notice her.

The two people said that after that, they couldn't be apart. They went to college together, and after dating for six years, Russell chose to take things to the next level. As they walked along the beach at night, he got down on one knee and asked Guerdy to marry him.

When Did Russell and Guerdy Abraira Get Married?

In 2002, Guerdy and Russell got married. They said their vows to each other at the St. Bernard de Clairvaux monastery in North Miami Beach on November 16, 2002. She was only 25 years old at the time.

The star, who was born in Haiti, wore a simple white dress with an A-line skirt and no straps for the big day.

Are Guerdy and Russell Abraira still together

She added to her look with a classic veil, diamond earrings, and a necklace that sparkled. Russell, on the other hand, chose a classic black suit.

In an interview with People magazine, Guerdy talked about her dress for the 120-person event. She said, “I changed it a little for the ceremony added a strap, and took it off before the reception.”

She added, “I wanted a classic and timeless look — but I also wanted to be able to move around later on the dance floor!”

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Russell told the newspaper that his best memory of the day was seeing Guerdy walk down the aisle for the first time.

“I'm not that emotional,” he said. But I began to cry when I saw her walk down the aisle. It shocked me that tears were coming. “I didn't believe I would do that.”

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