Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together From The Ultimatum Season 2?

Reality television has a way of capturing the highs and lows of relationships, leaving viewers invested in the personal lives of the stars. In the case of “The Ultimatum,” the question lingers: Are Roxanne and Antonio still together?

As the series unfolds and life continues beyond the cameras, fans are eager to uncover the current status of this dynamic couple. In this article, we delve into the latest updates on Roxanne and Antonio's relationship.

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together?

Yes, Roxanne and Antonio are still in a relationship. However, the couple confessed in the reunion episode that they don't have any wedding plans right now, with Roxanne stating that marriage isn't a priority for her.

After seeing Roxanne's lack of an engagement ring in her social media posts, some viewers may have been surprised to learn that the couple had gone the distance. She admitted at the reunion that she thought it was “weird” and “possessive” to be wearing a ring when Antonio didn't have to. She admits to keeping the ring in a box.

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together

This caused conflict at the reunion, with Antonio telling Roxanne that not wearing the ring is “almost like your lack of pride in me, and you don't want to show anybody that you're engaged.”

Fortunately, things appear to have settled down since then. As Roxanne stated in a recent interview with Bustle, “Being engaged is huge for me; I feel a different level of commitment to someone, which is dope.” It's cool; I like it. I'm still surprised to be in this position, but I'm glad to be here.”

“Roxanne and I are finally able to explore what it's like to not worry about finances as much and really just enjoy each other and get to know what it's like to be in a relationship with each other where all of our needs are met,” Antonio added.

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“It's been a fantastic experience since we returned. I've never been more certain about anything in my life. I'm experiencing a sense of confidence I've never felt before, as if I've made the correct decision and am on the right track. It's incredibly empowering, and I've found a new groove. So far, life has been quite wonderful.”

Who is Roxanne?

Roxanne Kaiser, 31, is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based entrepreneur and CEO. @rickyrox is her Instagram handle.

Roxanne was the recipient of The Ultimatum. Antonio Mattei was her original partner, and Alex Chapman was her new partner. Roxanne is the co-founder of PastedNip, a nipple cover firm.

Who is Antonio?

Antonio Mattei, 30, is a freight broker from Charlotte, North Carolina. @amattei2 is his Instagram handle.

Antonio was the one who issued the ultimatum. Roxanne Kaiser was his first partner, and Kat Shelton was his new partner. Antonio stated in an Instagram post in July 2023 that he was launching his own vehicle services firm, Tint World, in Tyrone, Georgia.

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