Are Ros and Thomas Still Together From MAFS UK?

Married at First Sight actors Thomas and Rosaline are one of eight couples paired together on the show.

Despite an unpleasant start, the pair have been working through their challenges with the assistance of professionals Paul Carrick Brunson, Mel Schilling, and Charlene Douglas. Thomas has even resorted to social media to hint at a romantic future with Rosaline, but it appears that their voyage will not be entirely plain sailing.

As we wait for their married life to continue onscreen, what do we know about their present relationship status? Are Thomas and Rosaline still together? Here is what we know so far.

Are Ros and Thomas still together?

Ros and Thomas appear to be separated, based on recent social media posts. It is unusual for couples to divulge this information because they are typically contractually obligated not to declare their relationship status until the final commitment ceremony airs.

However, on November 6, Ros posted a video to her Instagram account saying that after spending some time alone at home, she felt “haunted” by her history and was unable to continue the relationship with Tom. “I was so fragile I felt broken, I was exhausted and truly wanted to go and hide under a rock,” she stated in an email.

Are Ros and Thomas Still Together

She went on to say “I thought being home would give me some comfort, when all I was faced with was betrayal, abandonment, and lack of trust from my previous relationship, and no matter what, I couldn't shake it off.”

After explaining how she wanted to reprioritize her life, Ros explained that she had decided she needed to be single. “You may wonder why you did it if you weren't ready,” she said, “Well, I was, and I truly wanted to marry! Tom was the best spouse, but sometimes when you offer so much optimism to others, you forget to take care of yourself.”

Ros closed her post by confirming that she had already told Tom about her sentiments, and he responded shortly with a video update. He expressed sadness about the circumstances, but eventually had nothing but praise for his “bride.”. His Instagram caption read:

“During my time with @rozzdarlington, I battled tremendously to open myself out. It's something I've always struggled with. My mother says embracing me is like hugging an ironing board sometimes lol.”

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He continued, “But with @rozzdarlington, she made me feel safe doing so. She taught me to be upfront and honest, which is something I've always battled with, particularly in relationships. She restored my confidence. Something I will always be grateful for. She demonstrated to me that I was capable of giving my whole heart to someone. I'm sure I did that with her. I'm sad, but @rozzdarlington, you've given me so much, and you have nothing to apologize for.

Tom wished Ros well in the sweetest way, saying, “I always say I'm the third luckiest man because I was matched with you on MAFS.” The second was your ex, who was an idiot for not cherishing you forever. The luckiest man is the one to whom you will eventually give your heart, and I hope they will offer you everything you desire.

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