Are Richard and Andrea Still Together From MAFS Australia?

Married at First Sight Australia season 11 presented us with the show's oldest couple yet: 62-year-old motivational speaker Richard Sauerman and 51-year-old photographer Andrea Thompson, who demonstrated that age doesn't hold them back in their search for love.

Andrea and Richard had an instant connection when they met for the first time on their wedding day, and their older children approved of the match, which seemed to be rather perfect.

The marriage has been one of the strongest throughout the series, but they ran into some difficulties after Richard's frank portrayal of their sex life stunned Andrea and prompted her to distance herself from her new spouse.

Viewers have wondered if Richard and Andrea from MAFS Australia are still together as they work over this bump on the road.

Are Richard and Andrea still together?

Richard and Andrea appeared to get along well when they met at the altar, connecting over their shared love of coffee, cricket, and other activities.

So, while Richard and Andrea become closer throughout the experiment, he goes on to reveal intimate details of their relationship at a commitment ceremony in front of the other brides and grooms, leaving her distrustful of him. That's a lot.

Are Richard and Andrea still together?

Then, on February 4, a source told Yahoo Lifestyle that Andrea and Richard's relationship had broken down. “They're no longer a couple,” they explained, adding that they haven't “really kept in touch” since filming the show.

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But we're still perplexed because photos from the Daily Mail on March 7 showed the couple appearing really happy and in love together. So, in short, we don't know and will have to wait and see!

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