Are Paige and Craig Still Together or Is It All Over?

Season two of ‘Winter House‘ on Bravo follows a group of former cast members from ‘Summer House‘ and ‘Southern Charm‘ as they spend two weeks on holiday in picturesque Stowe, Vermont. The cast members' lifestyles and interactions with one another are chronicled in great detail as cameras follow them about 24 hours a day.

The show's popularity can also be attributed to its fascinating plots, which include hot romances and suspenseful drama. The beautiful relationship between Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover was brilliantly captured in the first season of ‘Winter House.'

Fans were already thrilled with the two's friendship on the show, but when they found out they actually met outside of production, they were overjoyed. Now that the cameras have turned away from their lives, fans are wondering if Paige and Craig are still together. Let's find out, “Are Paige and Craig Still Together or not?”.

Paige and Craig's Journey on Winter House

Paige has been on the show since the beginning, and Craig has been on television since the beginning with ‘Southern Charm.' Paige was already in a relationship with Perry Rahbar when they met on the set of their respective TV shows. In spite of this, they hit it off quickly and made a pact to keep in touch.

The next time Craig and Natalie Hegnauer crossed paths was in the spring of 2021 on the set of ‘Winter House,' & as fate would have it, Craig was already dating Natalie at the time. According to Paige, the fact that Craig and she first connected on a purely platonic level facilitated their eventual romantic relationship.

Are Paige and Craig Still Together

Craig, though, had ended his relationship with Natalie and declared himself single by May of that year. After that, he and Paige became closer and ultimately developed romantic feelings for one another.

Both Paige and others close to her have confirmed that the couple began dating in May 2021, though they first tried to keep their romance out of the public eye. Once filming the first season of “Winter House” was up, Paige reportedly paid Craig a visit in Charleston, South Carolina.

Even though Paige and Craig had been secretly crushing on each other for some time, they decided to take things slow and get to know each other better. In addition, by not rushing into things and instead taking things one day at a time, the couple was able to develop the foundation of their relationship, which in turn made the “falling in love” portion all the more wonderful.

By the time of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's wedding in September 2021, Paige and Craig had been dating for a few months before they went public with their relationship.

Are Paige and Craig Still Together?

If you're a fan, you'll be happy to hear that Paige and Craig are still together. During an interview in October of 2021, Paige discussed her connection with her boyfriend and how much she enjoyed their long distance.

Usually, they get everything done during the week, and then on Friday, Paige flies to her boyfriend. When Paige told Us Weekly, “I feel like we're more present with each other when we are together,” I knew they were making the most of their time together. We put down our phones, make plans, and have a good time.

Even Craig appears to be completely smitten with Paige. He declared in October of 2021, “We are pretty happy now. Neither of us appears to have dated anyone else working in our field. It's good that we understand each other. I finally found someone who genuinely enjoys my company as much as I enjoy theirs; we are each other's biggest admirers.

Are Paige and Craig Still Together

. Fans are curious as to the status of the couple's relationship because they have not seen any recent photos of the two of them together on social media. Rumors circulated that they broke up, which was obviously not the case.

In spite of this, Paige corrected the record. In an episode of the podcast titled “Call Her Daddy” from November of 2021, she discussed her relationship with Craig. In an interview, the reality star said, “The number one thing that's really been piss[ing] me off is people are like ‘Well they're just acting and they're doing this as a PR gimmick.'”

Continuing, Paige said, “If it were real, I would straight Ben and Jen this s— and be posting it all over, and I'd have the nicest captions to everything.” The lack of social media photo sharing was also explained by Paige.

Their lack of an Instagram-worthy photo was confirmed by her. Therefore, now that Paige has put an end to the rumors once and for all, we are overjoyed to report that Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are very much still together and in love.

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