Are Oompaville and Kallmekris Dating? Are The Rumors True?

Oompaville, a YouTube personality, is currently making headlines after accusing Logan Paul of allegedly defrauding viewers. That is accomplished through the use of Pokemon cards and cryptocurrency. Leaving that aside, followers are now curious about who Oompaville is dating. More specifically, it calls into question the veracity of claims that he is dating Kallmekris. What's going on?

Who is Oompaville?

Oompaville is a YouTube celebrity and a musician. Despite being a fan, not everyone knows his full name, Caleb Hunter Phelps. In 1996, he was born in Virginia. His YouTube videos usually consist of comments to memes and Twitch footage, going to Omegle, and commenting on trending dramas and other news events.

Oompaville is also known for hosting the Some Ordinary Podcast. He has over 4.87 million subscribers on the platform. 

Who is Kallmekris?

Kallmekris, on the other hand, is a social media influencer from Abbotsford, British Columbia. Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins is her given name. Not to mention, Kallmekris is currently the most-followed Tiktok celebrity in Canada, with 50.4 million followers. She is also pretty popular on YouTube.

Kallmekris previously worked as a hairdresser. She appeared as the YMCA's group leader in the television series Kids in the Hall last year. You may watch it. Ginormo is one of her most recent ventures.

Moving on to the relationship speculations involving Oompaville and Kallmekris, people are already perplexed. Their friendship appears to have progressed, and something is brewing. But is that true? Here's what we know regarding the validity of Oompaville and Kallmekris' romance.

Are Oompaville and Kallmekris Dating?

Following their close and humorous interactions in a recent video, rumors about Oompaville and Kallmekris' connection began. The video was titled “BLOWING STUFF UP w/ My Boyfriend Oompaville.” It emphasized their energetic and lovable moments. 

Are Oompaville and Kallmekris Dating?

We saw in the movie how they had a tight friendship because they had similar interests in activities like shooting guns in Texas. 

Oompaville and Kallmekris have yet to make an official announcement. As a result, the situation is unknown. To put it another way, it's ambiguous. For the time being, people are looking forward to their collaboration. It's fair to say nothing about their rumored romance because none of them has confirmed it.  

There is an undeniable connection between Oompaville and Kallmekris. But it's still unclear whether they're sharing anything more than friendship. What are your thoughts? How interested would you be if they turned out to be a romantic couple? 

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Oompaville and Kallmekris go well together. However, they have left their fans in suspense for the time being. Let us simply be a little more patient. 

Best wishes to Oompaville and Kallmekris in their future endeavors. Follow these social media stars on social media for more relevant updates. We are hoping that the reports about their romance are real.  

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