Are Nathan and Holly Still Together From Too Hot to Handle?

In season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, actors Holly Scarfone and Nathan Mngomezulu developed feelings for one another romantically; however, it is unknown whether or not they went on to consummate their relationship in the real world.

It's the dating competition where everyone thought they were going to “Pleasure Island”… But Lana took everyone by surprise when she disclosed that they were actually on the show Too Hot to Handle, which prohibits any form of physical contact, including kissing.

In the Netflix series, Holly and Nathan had a good time together, but how did their relationship develop after they left the island?

How Did Holly and Nathan End Up Together?

It didn't take long for Holly and Nathan to feel something more than platonic toward one another when season three of Too Hot to Handle began. In fact, they had already shared their first kiss before Lana announced the strict no-kissing regulations.

When they couldn't resist touching each other, they split the reward money, which was worth $200,000. Because of this, several of the other cast members had to take a financial hit.

are nathan and holly still together

During their time in the dream chamber, they did the entire task TWICE, resulting in a total loss of $90,000. They spent more money as a couple than anyone else in the entire season.

There were, however, obstacles; for example, when Olga and Brianna invited Nathan out on a date, Holly became very insecure about their relationship because it put Nathan in a position to mingle with Olga and Brianna. Suddenly, he was sent back to his own country.

Despite her belief that Nathan was not listening to what she was teaching him, Lana was allowed to return to the island in a surprising turn of events.

He and Holly regained their reward money, but only after spending one night in the dream room without making love. They unquestionably accomplished their goal.

Are Nathan and Holly still together?

Despite their recent signals that they might be mending, Holly and Nathan are no longer together. Holly commented, “We've kept really close.” in the Too Hot to Handle reunion episode, which was taped before the cast started marketing season three in the middle of January. Our bond is something I cherish deeply. One of the best things about our group is how considerate we all are. “Not that it was a success, I suppose.”

Covid limitations made it too impossible for Nathan and Holly to see each other when they returned from Too Hot to Handle, so they broke up. After the series finale, Holly said in a video posted by THTH, “From day one to now we've always been incredibly close, we have a lot of respect for each other.” There's no way I could claim it was a failure. Also, “I also had a few months left of obtaining my degree – I graduated,” Holly said.

Holly tweeted a photo of her and Nathan in Nathan's birthplace of London, where they were wearing identical jumpers in a mirror selfie while he kissed her on the head, so we're holding out hope that they're back together.

Who Won Too Hot to Handle Season 3?

Who took home the third season's Too Hot to Handle trophy? Winners of Too Hot to Handle Season 3 and recipients of the $90,000 prize were a 29-year-old tree surgeon named Harry Johnson and a 24-year-old legal assistant named Beaux Raymond, both from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.


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 Georgia Hassarati, a student midwife from Brisbane, Australia, and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, a model from Cape Town, South Africa, both aged 24 and 26, respectively, respectively, rounded out the top three.

In the Too Hot to Handle competition, Harry and Beaux were the first pair to ever make it to the finals and ultimately win. For their contributions to each other's development at the retreat, Lana put forth Harry and Beaux as the season 3 Too Hot to Handle winning couple. I've never put forward a couple for nomination before.

I've done this because I see that you and he are both benefiting from your relationship in this way. After receiving the most votes from their fellow cast members, Harry and Beaux were awarded the $90,000 prize, originally $200,000 but decreased after the cast broke the no-sexual-contact rule at the retreat.

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