Are Nancy and Bartise Still Together From ‘Love is Blind’ Season 3?

After the third season of Love Is Blind, Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden's relationship has seen significant changes. Bartise and Nancy had a memorable relationship, which earned him a reputation as a reality TV program villain. However, many people are still curious about what happened to Nancy and Bartise after they left one of the best reality TV shows.

Read on to find out if Bartise and Nancy are still together after Love Is Blind season 3 and where they are now after leaving The Pods.

Are Bartise and Nancy still together?

Unfortunately, Bartise and Nancy are no longer together. Nancy said yes at the altar, but Bartise answered, “I do not,” so Nancy walked back down the aisle in tears.

She told Nancy: “What I've gone through in the real world with you and with your family and with everything we've talked about, there's no way for me in my head that it makes sense to get out there and say yes.”

“The stuff that we talked about daily just didn't make sense for me to come here and say, ‘I wholeheartedly want to make Nancy Rodriguez my wife forever” he added. “I'm sorry that it had to happen like this, I'm sorry it happened in front of everybody, but this is what we signed up for.”

Are Nancy and Bartise Still Together

Nancy's family appeared to be the most disturbed by Bartise's decision, with her mother telling her, “I know you put 100% into this, but this young man is not ready for you,” and her brother getting into a yelling war with Bartise.

And, while Bartise gave a ray of hope, stating, “Our path can continue after today,” Nancy was ready to walk away, telling him, “For me, it's not like, ‘oh, maybe it'll work later'. No. “I chose you; you did not choose me.”

She added, looking at her engagement ring, “I want to rip this off because it means nothing to me now.”

Nancy, in tears, subsequently told the cameras, “My heart is shattered.” He completely caught me off guard. I wanted to believe that if I took the risk of loving him for who he was, he would reciprocate.”

Viewers were not surprised by the outcome, as Bartise and Nancy did not have the smoothest ride during the event. Despite proposing to Nancy while in the pods, Bartise battled to suppress his love for Raven, admitting that she was the type of girl he typically went for.

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The reunion program became heated when Nancy accused Bartise of going on a date the day following their wedding. She stated, “He had a tall blonde by his side. I just saw some posts on social media. It was posting a video of the scene, and you saw Bartise and this tall blonde next to him, and then that same tall blonde on his lap all weekend.”

Bartise said, “Yes, I was with a blonde girl that night, but nothing happened. On July 4th, something happened while on a boat. I spent a lot of time drinking and dealing. To be honest, I don't believe my sexual life is anyone's business.

Where are Bartise and Nancy now?

Since filming Love is Blind, it appears like Bartise has spent a lot of time in the gym, and he's been showing off his excellent physique in the occasional topless photo.

No doubt we'll see a lot more of Bartise when he appears in Perfect Match, which premieres on Netflix on February 14, 2023.

Are Nancy and Bartise Still Together

Nancy has returned to her employment as a speech pathologist as well as working in real estate since Love is Blind, and based on her Instagram, she appears to like experimenting with viral dance routines.

She's also had more than one hair alteration since her appearance on the show, first adding blonder tones and money pieces to her hair, as well as a set of extensions, before cutting off the length and dyeing it dark brown.

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She's also provided professional advice on Instagram, discussing how she transformed real estate investing into a full-time career.

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