Are Millie and Liam Still Together After Winning Love Island 2021?

Are Love Island couple Millie and Liam Still Together? In 2021, Millie Court and Liam Reardon won Love Island and received a stunning £50,000 as their prize. There were definitely challenges for the pair within the villa itself, but they overcame them quickly.

The duo has landed campaigns with major brands like ASOS and Puma. Let's examine the ins and outs of Millie and Liam's relationship to see if they're still together or not.

Are Millie and Liam Still Together After Love Island?

Despite their recent victory on Love Island 2021, the happy couple has decided to end their relationship so soon after the show. Millie said on Instagram: “Hi everyone, to avoid any speculation Liam and I wanted to share with you that we have separated.

“It was a painful choice, and I feel terrible about it, but it's the correct one for us at this time. All of you are wonderful for believing in us and helping us grow closer.

“I hope Liam's future is as successful as mine has been over the previous year and a half on Love Island. Exactly two weeks ago, the couple was seen kissing and hugging in Portugal on social media.

Are Millie and Liam Still Together

Despite their obvious romantic chemistry, fans began to worry when they were rarely seen together in public. According to the Mail's source, the two had been estranged for some time.

Their words were as follows: “This decision was extremely challenging for Millie and Liam to make, but after spending several weeks apart, they realized it was for the best. There was no disagreement or misbehavior, and they will continue to be good friends.

After Winning Love Island 2021, What Have They Been Up to?

Since departing the renowned villa, the in-demand couple has had to juggle their respective demanding work schedules. While Millie promotes Asos clothing, Liam has been hitting the heavy bag.

Are Millie and Liam Still Together

Even though she appeared on the show at a size 6, the Essex beauty has been candid about her weight gain since then. Millie, who is now a size 10, shared the following with Cosmopolitan UK: “There was a moment where people believed I was pregnant because I was putting on weight.

“I was a size 6 when I appeared on Love Island, but I much love the size 10 me now that my breasts have returned. “I’ve got my bum back and I’ve got curves.”

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