Are Micah and Paul Still Together From Love is Blind?

While there is no denying that every relationship has its ups and downs, things get unquestionably more complicated when there is an unintentional added strain to make things last.

At least, this appears to be the case for the majority of couples coming from reality dating programs around the world, including Netflix's own ‘Love is Blind' since its premiere in 2020.

Among them has been the season 4 duo of Micah Lussier and Paul Peden, so now, if you just want to learn more about them as well as their present condition, we've got the information for you.

Are Micah and Paul Still Dating?

Fans will recall that Paul ended up saying no to Micah at the altar (pain!) after deciding he didn't want to marry her. His argument for saying no was that he couldn't imagine her as a mother and didn't think she possessed maternal qualities, which surprised Micah. Though she wasn't upset that he felt that way, she was annoyed that he never told her before their wedding.

Are Micah and Paul Still Dating

Micah and Paul were still conversing and attempting to find out if they should be together in Love is Blind: After the Altar season 4. However, when Micah visits Paul's mother for a drink, she discovers that Paul is chatting with someone new.

Though he does not identify who this person is, Paul refers to them as “dating” in another episode while chatting with his mother. Micah is obviously taken aback and perplexed by this. She believes there must have been some time when Paul was dating — or at least talking to — both of them.

Paul and Micah finally meet face to face at the end of Love is Blind: After the Altar season 4 and resolve to go on. Micah explains that she loves Paul a lot, but she can't keep playing this back-and-forth game. She handles the matter so maturely, and Paul just goes along with it. She still has feelings for him and cannot be friends with him at this moment.

Who is Paul Peden From Love is Blind Dating Now?

Those who follow the Love is Blind finalists on social media will be aware that Paul has since gone Instagram official with his girlfriend, Geneva Dunham. They have published various images and videos on their respective pages since May 31.

Given that the season's married couples are shown enjoying their one-year anniversary on After the Altar, we can presume they filmed around May 2023. Paul and Geneva then went Instagram official at the end of the month, indicating that Paul wasted no time following his talk with Micah in moving forward with the woman he was seeing.

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Micah is no longer following Paul on Instagram, while he continues to follow her, indicating that she has moved on.

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