Are Lauren and Nate Still Together or They Parted Their Ways?

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together?: The new dating programme The Ultimatum on Netflix has a really ridiculous concept. Every pair on the programme has someone in their relationship who has given them an ultimatum: marry or else, so they're here to date.

Nate & Lauren, one of the couples on the show, never even made it to the “dating around” stage. Nate proposed to Lauren before they had a chance to choose a new partner for their mock wedding. But assuming the show was filmed months ago, are these two still together? Did they end up getting married? To know more, keep reading.

Who is Lauren Pounds?

The 26-year-old Austinite Lauren Pounds calls herself a “craft cocktail developer, drinker, and aficionado” on her Instagram account, @shakeshakepour. Lauren comes out as a fun-loving, globetrotting adventurer on her primary profile. After Lauren got an ultimatum from her boyfriend, they decided to take part in The Ultimatum since neither of them were ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together

Ruggles is prepared to start a family and get married. The reason Lauren isn't keen on starting a family is because she finds it “awkward” to be around children. Having children was never something she yearned for.

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Who is Nathan Ruggles?

Austinite Nathan Ruggles pursues both adventure & a professional job. The property developer graduated from James Bowies High School in 2009. He enrolled at Texas State University–San Marcos in the same year to get a BBA degree. Nate attended meetings of a student group dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship when he was in college. He joined Indeed as a director of sales after earning his degree in 2014.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together

After five fruitful years in the field, he was promoted to Vice President of Business Development at Urbanist, a firm that builds luxury, PropTech-enabled condominiums. Ruggles is presently the COO of Derive Development, a real estate firm he co-founded in San Antonio, Texas, in 2020.

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The co-founder has posted several photos from his travels in natural settings on his social media accounts. He also takes great pleasure in spending time with his dog, Charlie, whom he has cared for since he was a child. The Ultimatum competitor and his sister Nicky were very close, as seen by his heartfelt birthday message to her on Instagram.

Are They Married?


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One of the Ultimatum couples, Lauren Pounds and Nathan Ruggles, just got married after a rocky start to the series. They both tied the knot On October 1, 2022, in Colorado. They decided to have their dream mountain wedding in Breckenridge. Since it is one of their favourite vacation destinations and they both have a love of the outdoors.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together?

It seems like Nate & Lauren have broken up & are going their separate ways. Nate was ready to let go of his long-held ambitions, but the prospect was too daunting for him & his girlfriend, especially since they hadn't been seen on one other's social media in quite some time.

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Despite the fact that they follow one other & Nate likes the majority of Lauren's photos, Lauren & Nate have never really talked to each other on Instagram. The apparent distance between Nate & Lauren makes it seem as though they are not currently together, despite our hopes to the contrary.


Netflix's new dating programme The Ultimatum gives couples an ultimatum. One of the couples on the show, Nate & Lauren, never even made it to the “dating around” stage. But assuming the show was filmed months ago, are these two still together? It seems like Nate & Lauren have broken up & are going their separate ways.

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