Are Kylee Russell and Aven Jones Still Together From Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 9 has brought together a diverse cast in the pursuit of love, with Kylee Russell and Aven Jones emerging as a couple that caught the attention of viewers.

When Aven showed up on the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 beach the next day and asked Kylee out on a date, she agreed. They had a great time, but Kylee ended things with a heartbroken Will.

Kylee and Aven had a strong, no-drama relationship until the end of Paradise. Kylee wanted to be engaged, but Aven thought it was premature. They left the beach as a couple, although they were not engaged. They also did not visit the Fantasy Suite. Is it still possible for them to be together after Paradise?

As fans eagerly anticipate updates on their relationship, this article explores the question: Are Kylee Russell and Aven Jones still together?

Who is Kylee Russell?

Kylee, a postpartum nurse from Charlotte, North Carolina, is 25 years old. On Zach Shallcross' Bachelor season, she made her Bachelor Nation debut. She and Zach didn't seem to have anything in common. When Zach had COVID-19, he chose Kylee over Zoom.

Kylee was also recognized for her feud with Anastasia Keramidas, which sparked an important debate regarding microaggressions against women of color. Kylee attempted to whisk Zach away from Anastasia while on a group date.

“I don't like to fight, but…” Kylee replied when Anastasia refused. Anastasia informed the others that Kylee was aggressive and that she frightened her. Genevie Mayo explained how this was an example of microaggression because Kylee was not a dangerous person on “The Women Tell All” program. Anastasia apologized, stating that this was not her goal.

Who is Aven Jones?

Aven, 29, is a sales executive from Salem, Massachusetts. He originally appeared on Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's season of The Bachelorette. He had a strong bond with Rachel and was her runner-up.

Rachel became engaged to Tino Franco during her finale; however, the couple split up soon after when Tino kissed another lady during a difficult period in their relationship.

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During the “After the Final Rose” episode, Aven rushes to Rachel's aid during a fight between Rachel and Tino and asks if she wants to catch up. They exited the stage together, but their connection did not appear to develop.

When Did Kylee and Aven Start Dating?

Kylee and Aven met during the summer of 2023 on season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. The postpartum nurse was among the first to arrive on the beach, and she expressed her desire to meet Aven because he had “liked” and commented on several of her Instagram pictures before the event.

Are Kylee Russell and Aven Jones Still Together

Kylee had a date with Will Urena before Aven arrived, but she dumped him to follow Aven when he showed up there in Mexico.

Are Kylee and Aven still together?

Unfortunately, Kylee and Aven's love did not last. She announced their breakup on December 9, 2023, just two days after the BiP finale, and accused Aven of infidelity.

“Following our relationship announcement yesterday, I want to thank my God that he did not allow me to live another day in the dark,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

“I've been grappling with the fact that one of the most important relationships in my life has ended due to multiple infidelities over the last 24 hours.”

Are Kylee Russell and Aven Jones Still Together

This is not a show, but my actual life and I will be in a period of healing and reassembling the puzzle pieces of my life for the foreseeable future. Please keep my privacy in mind at this time.”

On December 10, 2023, Aven responded with his note, allegedly confirming his unfaithfulness.

“After careful thought and consideration into writing this I want to first and foremost apologize to Kylee, my family, and my friends for my actions,” he wrote in an email. “I made significant mistakes in the relationship and hurt someone very close to me.”

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I am currently in a really low place, attempting to work on myself. I'm trying everything I can to heal, find myself, and become a better person. Please show Kylee and her family compassion and respect during this difficult time.”

After confirming their breakup, both reality stars removed the photos from their social media profiles.

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