Are Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez Still Together From Dubai Bling? Relationship Updates!

‘Dubai Bling' is an intriguing Netflix reality TV series that follows a group of extraordinarily wealthy Dubai citizens. These wealthy people come from various backgrounds but share a passion for luxury and a dash of drama.

Aside from their daily routines, social events, and professional endeavors, the show concentrates on their interpersonal relationships and sexual lives, which are fraught with tensions and confrontations.

The charming connection between legendary radio DJ Kris Fade and his fiancée, Brianna Ramirez, was a crucial component of the show's first edition.

However, as the couple prepared for their wedding, they encountered various barriers in the shape of warring parents, employment choices, and their disparate personality qualities.

Now that the cameras have gone dark, people are wondering if Kris and Brianna are still together. Let's find out for ourselves, shall we?

Are Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez Still Together?

Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez are enjoying their journey together and have reached key milestones in their relationship. On March 22, 2022, the lasting pair exchanged vows at a magnificent wedding in Dubai, which was brilliantly recorded in the season finale.

Are Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez Still Together

The bride and groom experienced a touching pre-ceremony moment with their parents, which added to the wonderful event. Brianna's father, who traveled in from the United States, had the distinction of marrying her, adding to the emotional richness of the occasion.

Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez make a close-knit family with Kris's daughters, Noushie and Kikki. Brianna and the girls have an obvious love bond, as they refer to her as B.

Fans of the show were overjoyed when Brianna announced her pregnancy to Kris on-screen, causing the couple great joy. Kris and Brianna welcomed their lovely baby, Kruz George Fade, into the world on November 7, 2023, marking a monumental addition to their family.

Kris replied on a post from the delivery room that captured Kruz's first moments in the world, saying,

“We both feel incredibly blessed and completely smitten by our son.” Both mother and child are doing fantastically well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has showered us with love and encouragement throughout this incredible trip.”

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The happy discovery of Brianna's pregnancy brought the second season of Dubai Bling to an exhilarating close—a momentous triumph among a series of struggles and triumphs.

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