Are Kenneth and Brittany Still Together From Love is Blind?

“Love Is Blind,” the reality dating show that captivated viewers with its unique premise of forming connections without seeing each other, introduced audiences to a variety of couples navigating the complex landscape of love and relationships.

Among them, Kenneth and Brittany emerged as a memorable pair, leaving fans eager to know: Are Kenneth and Brittany still together?

One of the most significant events in Ken and Brittany's courtship was when they bonded over their shared faith. They also discovered a kinship because they had suffered similar losses.

Ken already discussed his biological mother's death from cancer, but Brittany revealed that her father died when she was five years old as a result of his alcoholism.

In this article, we explore the current status of their relationship and any updates on their romantic journey.

Are Kenneth and Brittany Still Together?

As far as the show goes, Kenneth and Brittany's love story remains an intriguing mystery for the time being, but there is one huge clue as to where they stand right now. According to North Carolina marriage records obtained by Distractify, Kenneth, and Brittany are not among the couples that applied for a marriage license this season.

Are Kenneth and Brittany Still Together?

A brief look through social media suggests that Kenneth and Brittany are no longer together. Sure, they still follow each other on Instagram, but they haven't interacted in months. Meanwhile, some couples, such as Jimmy and Chelsea, shower each other with digital love and exchange likes with enthusiasm.

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Hold your horses, everyone! Before we get started on intricate breakup theories, let's take a step back and realize something important: social media may be as reliable as a stormtrooper's aim. Who knows, they could still be together, but they decided to put the marriage on hold.

Is Kenneth Married Before?

Kenneth was previously married before his ‘Love Is Blind' engagement. In Season 6, Jessica admits to having a child back home, and Chelsea opens up about her former marriage. We don't see Kenneth discussing his first marriage with his fiancée, Brittany.

Are Kenneth and Brittany Still Together?

However, according to North Carolina marriage documents, Kenneth was married in 2018.

Nonetheless, as the remainder of the season unfolds, it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out, showing if these charming Love Is Blind candidates are still on cloud nine.


The ongoing tale of Kenneth and Brittany from “Love Is Blind” continues to be a point of interest for fans who were touched by their journey on the show. As the dynamics of relationships unfold, fans are encouraged to stay tuned to reliable sources for any updates on the couple's status.

Regardless of the outcome, the importance of respecting the boundaries and privacy of individuals who share their personal experiences on television remains paramount, allowing them the space to navigate their relationships authentically.

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