Are Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Still Together?

Celebrity relationships often become the subject of intense speculation and public interest, with fans eagerly following the romantic escapades of their favorite stars. Recently, the spotlight has turned to actress and musician Keke Palmer and her ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson.

Rumors have circulated about the status of their relationship, leaving fans curious about whether the couple is still together.

In this article, we explore the details surrounding Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson's love story and the current state of their romance.

Are Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Still Together?

Keke and Darius have not disclosed their breakup to the world. They did, however, give rise to breakup speculations when Darius made inflammatory remarks on Twitter in July 2023 regarding Keke's black sheer outfit that she had worn to an Usher concert.

“But it's the attire. Darius captioned a video of Usher serenading her on stage with the tweet, “You're a mom.”

Darius tweeted back in reaction to the criticism he received from followers, outlining his disapproval of Keke's attire.

Are Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Still Together?

“We live in a generation where a family man gets told how much of a hater he is [sic] and doesn't want the wife and mother of his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others,” Darius added. “My family and I are represented by this.” I hold certain standards and principles about my beliefs. I give up.

After showcasing the angles of her gorgeous outfit in an Instagram carousel post, Keke expressed her wish to have “taken more pictures” of the event.

Darius promptly reinstated his Twitter account after momentarily deactivating it. He did, however, notably delete every picture of Keke from his Instagram page.

Keke, the Hustlers star, didn't seem to be concerned about Darius's internet behavior. She posted a video on Instagram to promote her next show at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., but she refrained from answering any admirers who inquired about the state of her relationship. Keke did, however, seize the chance to profit from the circumstance by launching a clothing line that included t-shirts with the slogans “Stevie to the bullshit” and “I'm a Motha.”

On July 7, she posted an announcement on Instagram with the comment, “One thing is certain and one thing is true, IM A MOTHA, through and through!”

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Additionally, it looked like the two had unfollowed one another on Instagram. Keke appeared in Usher's “Boyfriend” music video on August 16, one month after the incident. Several outlets stated that the couple had split up shortly afterward.

Darius responded to the allegations on Twitter, calling the divided reports “false.” On August 18, he tweeted, “I haven't talked to anyone about anything or given anyone permission to speak on my behalf.”

When they got together to celebrate Keke's 30th birthday a week later, the couple appeared to put an end to the allegations, calling her his “partner in crime.”

How Did Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Meet?

Keke Palmer and Darius Jack reportedly first connected at Issa Rae and Sean “Diddy” Combs' Memorial Day celebration in May 2021, according to Us Weekly.

Up until August of that year, when Jackson posted a photo of himself with Palmer on Instagram, they kept their relationship secret. He wrote in a since-deleted post:

“You have received a divine blessing. The summer of 2021 turned out differently than I had anticipated, yet here we are. I'm happy that we were able to support one another in our darkest moments and demonstrate to one another that what we have to offer is what we bring to the table.

Are Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Still Together?

For almost six years, Darius has been employed in the entertainment and fitness sectors. He is employed at Inspire Fitness as a teacher, according to his LinkedIn page. Sarunas Jackson, who starred in Issa Rae's comedy Insecure, is the brother of Jackson as well. In that series, Keke Palmer co-starred as well.

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In a March 2020 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Keke Palmer revealed that she prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate and steer clear of dating those in the same field. Says she:

“My dating philosophies have always been the same. Not that I wouldn't try something with someone. I often ask myself, “Is this person really into me for me?” Furthermore, it goes beyond romantic partnerships. It also involves friends. The most painful aspect of fame is that it is erratic.

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