Are Katie and Ross Still Together From Below Deck?

The world of luxury yacht charters and high-stakes drama aboard the Below Deck series has not only enthralled audiences with its captivating maritime tales but has also showcased the dynamics of crew relationships. Season 10 included a 197-foot-long superyacht that cruised through the Caribbean.

Among the crew members who stole the spotlight in recent seasons were Katie and Ross, the dynamic duo whose on-screen chemistry left fans eagerly anticipating updates on their real-life romance.

However, the burning question that has been circulating among Below Deck enthusiasts is: Are they still together?

Are Katie and Ross still together?

Ross McHarg and Katie Glaser are no longer together, having decided to break their relationship at the end of the season. The fact that they reside so far away played a key role in their decision.

Furthermore, Katie was dismayed by Ross' behavior on the show and stated that she would not tolerate such treatment in real life.

Are Katie and Ross Still Together?

In an interview with E! News, she acknowledged, “We both live on separate sides of the world; he went his way after the show, while I went mine. At the end of the day, we agreed that it was what it was on the boat, and we both went our separate ways.

Katie also said that since the completion of filming, she has not been seeing anyone: “I am single. I'm simply loving life right now.”

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Dating when working on charter yachts around the world doesn't always seem easy, and Katie described it as an “interesting” setting to date in. There have been some successful couples who have emerged, but it appears that most short-lived flings do not last.

What are Katie and Ross doing now?

Katie appears to be single right now, living her best life by traveling the world and leveraging her business and yachting experience.

Ross, on the other hand, is supposedly dating Miki, an aspiring psychologist and yoga instructor from Bali, Indonesia.

Are Katie and Ross Still Together?

Even if he has not expressly mentioned anything about their relationship, it is entirely feasible that they are together and having a fantastic time. Katie follows Ross on Instagram, but he does not.

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So it appears that he is over their boatman and has moved on to the next experience in his life. Nonetheless, we hope they grow as individuals and return to the show in future seasons.

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