Are Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark Dating From ‘The Bachelorette?’

In the world of celebrity relationships, fans often find themselves immersed in the romantic lives of their favorite stars. Kaitlyn Bristowe, known for her appearance on “The Bachelorette,” and Zac Clark, winner of her season, have been at the center of such speculation since their engagement on the show.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, known for her bubbly personality and memorable stint as the lead on “The Bachelorette” season 11, captured the hearts of viewers with her charm and authenticity. Zac Clark, a contestant on the same season, stood out for his sincerity and genuine connection with Bristowe. Their journey on the show was filled with highs and lows, but ultimately, they found love in each other's arms.

Fans have been following the couple's journey closely, which has raised concerns about the status of their relationship. Here's what we know!

Are Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark dating?

Well, Kaitlyn and Zac haven't officially said anything about their relationship, but it seems like they're spending a lot of time together. When a video of them hugging on New Year's Eve 2024 surfaced, fans began to wonder if they were dating. Kaitlyn held a party at her house, and as the clock struck twelve, they looked really happy together.

All of this took place a few months after Kaitlyn broke up with Jason Tartick in August 2023. While Zac was engaged to Tayshia Adams after meeting her on The Bachelorette in 2020, some people thought Kaitlyn cheated on Jason with him.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark

On Instagram, Kaitlyn responded to the cheating claims by writing, “Hey! I want to be clear: there was no cheating at all, and I will not believe this story. Some of you are being super mean. Absolutely no cheating happened, I promise. Alright, let's end that. Thank you so much!”

On her Instagram Story, she also talked about mean comments and cyberbullying. Someone called Kaitlyn said that this much hate should have effects and that most people don't know the whole story.

She worried about the mental health of people who spread hate and made it clear that it's not okay. It was made clear that she hadn't done anything bad; she had just a party with her best people. People should feel bad about treating someone badly because of what they think about them, Kaitlyn said.

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Things were calm after the original excitement until January 20, 2024, when fans saw Kaitlyn and Zac out together in New York City. They were seen having dinner together in photos and dancing together at a bar later that night in videos.

So, the question remains: Are they dating? While neither of them has confirmed it officially, the time they spend together certainly sparks curiosity and keeps fans guessing about the nature of their relationship.

What happened between Kaitlyn and Jason?

In a January 2024 episode of her show, Kaitlyn called out Jason while she was in a new relationship with Zac. They got back together amicably at Chris Harrison's wedding in November 2023, but things seemed to get worse over the next few months.

Kaitlyn said on the show, “I thought Jason and I were in such a good place.” “He came over the other day, and I showed him around the house.” We are nice to each other. The wedding of Chris Harrison was great. That's why I think I get lost. I'm not too happy about it.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark

Her next words were, “It's disappointing to me that Jason is acting like a victim. I don't want to ignore the fact that he's hurting.” While I don't want to deny that he is hurting, I have already been very open and honest with him about how I feel.

To show respect for each other, we've been so honest with each other. It keeps showing up with the word “disappointed.” It bothers me that someone could make up a story to get pity for themselves.

Kaitlyn and Jason met in 2018 while she was still married to Shawn Booth, the man she chose as her groom on The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn got back together with the host of the “Trading Secrets” show in January 2019 after her breakup with Shawn. Soon after, they started dating, and in May 2021, they got engaged.

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They revealed that they were no longer together after more than two years. In a joint statement, they said, “It breaks our hearts to say that we have decided to end our engagement.”

“Thank you all for giving us time and space to think about this big decision that will change our lives. There are a lot of feelings and changes to get used to.” It's very important to both of us that our friendship stay strong.

As we say goodbye to each other, we are thankful that we love and respect each other. It is sad and painful to say goodbye, but our love and care for each other will never end.

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