Are Kai and Sanam Still Together From Love Island UK Season 9?

Love Island UK, known for its drama, romance, and unexpected twists, often leaves viewers invested in the relationships that form within the villa. Over the years, Love Island has matched many ideal couples, many of whom are still together.

One such couple that gained popularity is Kai and Sanam, whose chemistry captivated Love Island fans after winning Winter Love Island 2023 and getting $10,000 as a cash prize.

As the new season approaches, many will be wondering what last season's islanders are up to, as well as whether their favorite couple is still together.

How did Kai and Sanam meet?

Kai appeared to fall in love with Sanam as soon as she entered the villa, and the two quickly began a whirlwind affair. They ended up picking each other at the next recouping ceremony and even agreed to be exclusive for the rest of the season.

Witnessing their budding connection was refreshing because neither seemed interested in anyone else. As a result, it came as no surprise that Kai and Sanam won the season finale as a couple, walking away with 50,000 pounds in prize money.

Are Kai and Sanam still together?

Yes, Kai and Sanam are still together. They are always sharing romantic Instagram images and appear to be happier than ever.

Since the show, they've been attending events together, conducting interviews and podcasts, and even doing some Instagram-sponsored content.

Are Kai and Sanam still together?

They went to see Beyoncé together, took a gift trip to Mauritius, and spent the summer attending festivals and staying at a nice resort.

They also went to Zante on vacation, where they were joined by Kai's mother, and attended the NTAs.

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Kai handed Sanam a promise ring in August, sparking rumors of an engagement. Kai quipped, “By the way, guys, it's a promise ring!” Don't worry, the big one will come soon.

What are Kai and Sanam doing now?

Since Love Island, the winning pair has created a YouTube channel called The Kai and Sanam Show, and in one of their episodes, they show us around their current house.

They moved in together about three months after the show and stated on tour that they had been preparing for the move for “so long.”

Are Kai and Sanam still together?

Kai stated that they only received the keys to their new home around the beginning of June and that they had previously lived separately at each of their mothers' homes.

During the tour, Kai stated that his favorite room in their home is the bedroom. “We love it,” Sanam said. The couple stated that when they moved in, they didn't have a large budget to equip the space, so they purchased a lot of the furniture “really cheap” from places like charity shops and customized portions themselves.

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The greatest news after the show is that Kai and Sanam have signed up for a new reality show presented by Islander Chloe Burrows! Chloe's new show is called Bad Baby, and it sounds a lot like a TV show based on the baby challenge from Love Island.

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