Are Justine and Jack Still Together From Love Island Games?

Season 1 of Peacock's Love Island Games featured a diverse assortment of individuals from around the world looking for their soulmates. The Games series, which began as a spinoff of various incarnations of the Love Island series over the years, has featured a number of familiar personalities.

These are prior candidates who returned to the show but did not find what they were looking for. Two of these, Justine from Love Island USA Season 2 and Jack from Love Island UK Season 4 hit it off right away and have since gone on to become one of the show's most renowned couples.

Are Justine and Jack Still Together?

Fans of Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba can rejoice since it appears that the reality TV duo is still together. The two have been photographed together on several occasions, confirming that they still enjoy each other's company as much as they did on the show.

Cely Vazquez, Justine's best friend from the ‘Love Island' franchise, has revealed the majority of the photographs and videos involving Jack and Justine.

Are Justine and Jack Still Together?

In actuality, Jack appears to be in Los Angeles, California, where Justine resides. The latter has shared numerous stories about her companion, and the two recently visited the Kia Forum music event with Cely.

The couple has also been eager to discuss their thoughts on the events of the show, notably the duel between Jack and Mike Boateng.

Their video about the latter can be found on Justine's YouTube channel. Given how much fun Jack and Justine appear to have in each other's company, it's hard not to assume the two are still together and may be in it for the long haul.

How Did Justine and Jack Meet?

There are few ‘Love Island' fans who are unaware that Justine Ndiba won ‘Love Island USA' season 2. Following her separation from Caleb Corprew, she opted to participate in the worldwide spinoff series ‘Love Island Games' in order to give love another try.

In the meantime, ‘Love Island UK' season 4 contestant Jack Fowler entered the show for the same reason. The two have had their sights set on each other since their first day on the show.

Are Justine and Jack Still Together?

As a result, when the time came for Justine to choose her very first partner, she chose Jack. This signaled the beginning of a magnificent connection between the two, which began to dominate the competition as a whole.

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From home viewers to their fellow cast members, practically everyone could tell how quickly the two had begun to fall for each other.

The number of people who support the two would easily rise with every action they took, small and large. At one point, Justine became overwhelmed by the link she had formed with Jack and broke down, remembering her prior hurts.

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