Are Julio and Kirsten Still Together From 90 Day Fiancé?

The popular TLC show “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” is well-known for featuring both happy and unhappy love stories.

Even though it might be fascinating to watch a couple get together and possibly begin a new life, viewers are always left wondering if they will last in the long run.

This definitely applies to Julio Moya and Kirsten Yenniek from “90 Day Fiancé's” fifth season, whose on-screen romance was undoubtedly intriguing.

Because of this, everyone is curious to find out if the two have maintained their relationship beyond the program or if they have parted ways permanently.

Are Julio and Kirsten Still Together?

No. Kirsten was discovered on the DJ Julio's Instagram explore page. The DJ from New York, who calls himself a “momma's boy,” was enthralled with the Dutch beauty right away.

He said, “I wanted to see who exactly I'm talking to because I was a little skeptical.” It felt as refreshing as a breath of fresh air to see her for the first time. I thought, “Gosh, she's so beautiful.”

After spending a week together in quarantine, Julio and his partner decided to move to the Netherlands. Julio clarified, “I really believe it accelerated the relationship.”

Are Julio and Kirsten Still Together?

“I mean, getting to know each other more intimately—like, if I could spend five days in a hotel room with someone, then this is someone I could see myself spending time with.”

“I enjoyed being in the same house as her and spending time with her.” When Julio made his television debut in July 2023 on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, he informed producers, “I got used to the life there.”

“I adore Kirsten's character. I find her humor appealing. I feel less alone when I'm with her. So I put in an application to live there.

But first, Kirsten is traveling to New York to have her first meeting with Julio's mother. Julio proposed that Kirsten go to the US instead of him moving to the Netherlands after Kristen made a startling discovery that made them both doubt the future of their relationship.

“It's hard because I've already committed to it,” he went on. I feel like I'm just heading—like the train has left the station.

Kirsten was not really pleased with this. In a confessional, she stated, “Our plan was always that Julio comes to move with me to the Netherlands and now suddenly he doesn't sound confident about it anymore.”

“Julio gives the impression of being that globetrotting, daring person. However, he is now making up absurd justifications, such as food, for why he shouldn't leave the country.

Kirsten was let down by Julio's backflip on moving to be with her during the September 4 episode. In an honest confession, Kirsten stated, “I am shocked by Julio's whole attitude.”

“Julio seems to be completely giving up on this romance. He seems to not give a damn. She went on: “He's behaving like a total jerk. I’m really hurt because I don’t know if Julio ever had real intentions to spend the rest of his life with me. Did he really care that much about me, I wonder? I'm not so sure now.

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Julio explained: “I still love Kirsten, but I think that we have to really assess the situation and really look at things for what they are.

I think me and Kirsten were living in a fantasy world for a lot of our relationship. You know, these past several months have not been easy. If things were going better with me and Kirsten, we would have been able to make it work.”

Kristen broke up with Julio after he admitted that he had things to work out with his family before moving—noting that he wasted her time.

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