Are Julia Michaels and JP Saxe Still Together in 2023?

Julia's feelings for her boyfriend are undeniable. The celebrity had been seeing singer-songwriter JP Saxe about the time they started writing for their Grammy nomination. “If the World Were Ending” was the 2019 anthem of choice for each of these people.

In spite of the outbreak, the pair stuck together and even seemed to grow closer to one another. They were equally inspired to create fresh music and collaborated on the song's lyrics. If you want to know if Julia Michaels and J.P. Saxe are still together, read the article below.

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Who Is Julia Michaels?

In the music industry, Julia Michaels performs as a singer and songwriter. She started out creating songs for other artists, but when she composed “Issues,” she realized that no one else could do the song justice. Michaels debuted her single in 2017 and has been making waves ever since.

Michaels debuted with a full-length album in 2021. What Michaels showed in Not In Chronological Order was a hitherto unseen facet of her talent and prowess. She described the album as a discussion of love, progress, and the relief of being in a relationship that isn't destructive.


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Who Is JP Saxe?

Artistically, JP Saxe and Julia Michaels are kindred spirits. In that they both started out in the music industry's backstage ranks before breaking out in 2017, their careers have many parallels. “Changed” was Saxe's debut single, released in that same year.

Hazardous Degrees of Introspection, his first album, was released in 2021. As you may expect, the record did quite well critically. In it, you'll find several of his classics, including “If the World Was Ending,” his 2019 collaboration with Michaels. Also, a more minimal version of the record has been issued by Saxe.


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When Did They First Meet?

It's safe to say that “If the World Was Ending,” by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels, will be one of 2019's most iconic songs. This song was written at their very first session together, which was also the first time they had ever met each other. Since then, Michaels has explained the backstory of the creative jam.

Michaels followed in the footsteps of many famous people before him and slipped into Saxe's direct message section. She was impressed by his talent and eager to collaborate with him. What she didn't know was that they'd start dating just nine days later.

When Did They Start Dating?

Although JP Saxe doesn't consider himself particularly brave, he took a big risk by going together with Julia Michaels. Saxe suggested that Michaels take him out for drinks after their initial session of songwriting together. He invited her on a date to the park since he was eager to see her again.

Are Julia Michaels and Jp Saxe Still Together

Since they collaborated on “If the World Was Ending,” they've been an item. JP Saxe said megastar DJ/TV host Ryan Seacrest, “I am enamored with her as much as the day I met her, honestly more.” Saxe and Michaels' fans enjoy hearing them gush about their relationship.

Are Julia Michaels and Jp Saxe Still Together?

Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe comes clean about dating Julia Michaels after dating her for almost two years during the lockdown. Upon meeting, Saxe and American Born Michaels from Lowa collaborated on the Grammy-nominated song “If The World Was Ending,” which has since gotten a lot of praise from listeners.

The song has been streamed more than a billion times. JP Saxe had previously revealed, “We are currently living together and we are both preparing to celebrate our second anniversary.”

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