Are JP and Taylor Still Together From Love is Blind Season 5?

Love Is Blind, the hit reality TV dating show, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with its unique concept of connecting couples without the distractions of physical appearances.

With every new season, fans become deeply invested in the participants' journey to finding love and eagerly await updates on their post-show relationships.

Season 5 was no exception, and one couple that particularly stood out was JP and Taylor.

As we dive into the mystery of their relationship status, let's explore the rollercoaster ride of love they've experienced on and off the show.

Who is JP?

JP, or Jared, is a 32-year-old firefighter who adores America. His Instagram is full of photos of him in red, white, and blue apparel, and the flag appears frequently in his wardrobe during the season.

JP's Netflix bio states that “when it comes to dating, he needs some help coming out of his shell.” JP stated that the Houston dating environment is “too superficial for his taste” and that he is looking for someone who is ready for a long-term commitment.

Who is Taylor?

Taylor, a 26-year-old teacher, states in her Netflix bio that she is “tired of dating based on looks.” She prefers a man who is slightly taller than she is, and she values honesty.

Taylor has mentioned in some of her interviews that she hasn't always felt confident in herself, but that she is currently in a good position and is excited about where her life is going.

Are JP and Taylor Still Together?

No, it seems not. On Love Is Blind Season 5, Jared “JP” Pierce and Taylor Rue met and became engaged in The Pods. Along with Izzy and Stacy and Lydia and Milton, JP and Taylor were one of three couples who got engaged on Love Is Blind Season 5.

Are JP and Taylor Still Together

However, according to public documents from the Harris County Clerk's Office in Texas, where Love Is Blind Season 5 was filmed, JP and Taylor did not marry. There is no record of JP and Taylor acquiring their marriage license, indicating that they were most likely not among the couples that married in the Love Is Blind Season 5 finale.

JP and Taylor ended their relationship in Episode 6 after JP labeled Taylor “fake” for wearing cosmetics and Taylor told JP that he wasn't the same person she knew in The Pods. JP and Taylor were still following each other on Instagram at the time of Love Is Blind Season 5's premiere. JP and Taylor acknowledged their split during the Love Is Blind Season 5 reunion.

Why Did JP and Taylor Breakup?

Taylor made the choice to end things for a number of reasons. First, JP didn't talk much when they got out of the pods. Taylor did most of the talking, and she wanted someone to talk with who could level things out. Whatever attraction they had for each other in the pods seemed to have gone away.

Are JP and Taylor Still Together

Also, JP seemed to have feelings about Taylor's appearance that were not important. It was too much makeup on her the first time he saw her, he said, and she looked “fake.” He told her that he liked her better without makeup on.

They had a big fight over this. Taylor was mad and said she should be able to put on makeup if she wanted to, while JP told her she should be glad he doesn't like her all dolled up.

They went their separate ways for the night to think about it. When they saw each other again, JP was still set on making the relationship work. That being said, Taylor was done.

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