Are Jessica and Ariel Gomerez Still Together From Love is Blind?

In the world of reality television, love can blossom in the most unexpected places. And when it comes to Netflix’s hit show “Love Is Blind,” viewers are always eager to uncover hidden connections and romantic sparks.

Season 6 contestant Jessica Vestal has recently dropped hints about a mysterious love interest, leaving fans speculating about her potential partner. Could it be fellow cast member Ariel Gomerez? Let’s dive into the details.

Are Jessica and Ariel Gomerez still together?

In an episode of Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files, from February 29, 2024, the single mother revealed that she is attempting to get in touch with someone from her season. The reason she's not ready to disclose the person's identity just yet is that she's “still trying to sort certain things out right now.”

Jessica stated that even though she won't provide the details of her romance, observant viewers might be able to put it together while watching the series: Jessica remarked, “I had another strong connection.” “You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I'm not saying any names.”

Jessica went on to offer hints about her ideal partner, saying, “I have a very specific type, actually, extremely tall—at least 6'2 because most of my exes are 6'4 [or] 6'5”. “Beard, always a beard, [and] I'd prefer tattoos — like a sleeve — but if they don't have that, I might be okay with tall, dark, and handsome.”

Are Jessica and Ariel Gomerez Still Together

In light of everything, many fans now surmise that Jess is alluding to Ariel Gomerez. Renowned TikTok user @storytimewithrikkii claims that throughout Ariel's stay in the pods, the 29-year-old executive assistant grew close to her.

The TikToker revealed that Ariel became involved in a romantic triangle with Jess and Jimmy Presnell, based on information provided by Reality Ashley. It is said that Ariel was hesitant to propose without first seeing Jessica's daughter and getting her blessing, which was thought to be a more thoughtful and pleasant gesture than what Jimmy did.

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Unfortunately, Jess and Ariel's relationship isn't given enough attention on the show. Rather, the producers make Jess appear as though she is always focused only on Jimmy, hiding her relationship with Ariel.

One thing is certain, though, despite all the conjecture: Jess won't continue to hide her romantic life forever.

“I promise, everyone will be tired of me. “You will know that when I start dating someone, it will be very public and proud of me, so it will be in everyone's face,” she said on Nick Viall's podcast.

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