Are Jeramey and Sarah Ann Still Together From Love is Blind Season 6?

Of all the love stories that happened in season 6 of Netflix's “Love is Blind,” the one between Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski caught people's attention. There is a link between them that has raised many questions because of broken engagements and heated text messages.

Many viewers are especially interested in whether or not they ended up dating, especially after seeing how things went on the reality show.

Are Jeramey and Sarah Ann still together?

First, it's important to know that Jeramey and Laura are no longer together before we talk about his relationship with Sarah Ann. In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, public records show that they never got their marriage license. This means that their planned wedding in early May 2023 did not happen.

Based on this, it seems likely that Jeramey's relationship with Sarah Ann played a part in the end of his engagement to Laura. We'll get into the specifics soon, but for now, let's check to see if Jeramey and Sarah Ann are back together.

Are Jeramey and Sarah Ann still together

There's no proof yet that Jeramey and Sarah Ann are dating, but it seems likely that they're at least friends. But wait, because many fans with sharp eyes and detective caps may have found the truth!

There were reports on TikTok on February 22, 2024, that Sarah Ann and Jeramey had slept together while he was still engaged to Laura. Sarah Ann laughed off the rumors. A black-and-white picture hung in the background of Sarah Ann's video caught people's eyes in a split second. Anyone else feel like they've been here before?

It turns out that the place looks a lot like Jeramey's house. Let's be honest: we saw a bit of his house on Love Is Blind, and those unique decorations are hard to miss!

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Now, we're not saying that this is definitely Jeramey's place, but the strange similarities and the recent shocking rumors are enough to make people look twice. Because of this, most Love Is Blind fans believe that Jeramey found his true love in Sarah Ann.

You can bet that Netflix is very angry that Sarah Ann may have revealed a big secret by accident. This juicy fact was probably meant to be kept for the gathering, but it looks like the contestants can't help but spill it in real time. But can you really blame them?!

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