Love Island: Are Jake and Liberty Still Together? Let’s Explore It!

Love Island” uses the tried-and-true format of a group of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes being quarantined in a remote location in the hopes that they may meet someone special.

The intriguing twist is that they have to team up in couples to stay in the game. Those who attend a recoupling ceremony without a partner are sent packing. In addition, the audience can vote to eliminate a pair from the show.

In season seven, Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole finally connected. They were the only couple to remain together throughout the entirety of the show's run. Now that the cameras have stopped following them around, let's do some investigating to see if they're still a couple or not.

Who are Jake and Liberty?

Among the ten original contestants featured in the June premiere of Love Island UK season 7, two were Jake Cornish, a 24-year-old water engineer from Weston-Super-Mare, and Liberty Poole, a 21-year-old waitress and marketing student from Birmingham.

They found each other during the pairing process and stayed together until day 54 when they both opted to exit the competition as one of the last five.

Jake and Liberty's Journey on Love Island

Throughout their time on the show, Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole won the hearts of many viewers. On their first day at the property, they both felt an instant attraction to each other. It became clear that they shared many interests and values, leading them to try out a romantic connection.

Jake and Liberty's relationship is founded on trust, loyalty, and dedication since they chose each other from the beginning. They had evident chemistry, and the couple stayed together because they wanted to, not because they had to.

Are Jake and Liberty Still Together

Through every recoupling ceremony, they maintained their commitment to one another. Jake and Liberty stayed together even as other couples on the show broke up which added to the tension.

Together, they bolstered each other and created hope that they could win it all. Liberty even revealed she had fallen in love with Jake and thought he was the one while they were filming the show together. Jake felt the same way, and soon enough they were the villa's model pair.

Are Jake and Liberty Still Together?

Regrettably, prior to the season 7 finale, Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole chose to end their relationship and are no longer together. The pair appeared to have a flawless relationship on the outside, but they actually had to work through a lot of challenges.

Before anything else, Jake made a remark on the show regarding his sexual relationship with Liberty, which offended her. Furthermore, Liberty's friends suspected that Jake was leading her on when he told her that he loved her despite concerns that their relationship was unbalanced.

Not helping matters was Jake's confession to Liberty that she was the center of their relationship. The couple, having been given the opportunity for one last date, went out on a yacht to hash out their differences.

There, they spoke clearly about how the romance between them had faded and the love had faded. Liberty continued by saying that things were great at first, but that underlying problems soon became apparent.

Are Jake and Liberty Still Together

The pair eventually broke up and left the villa because of their differences. Without having spoken to one other since the breakup, the couple found themselves in an awkward position during a post-breakup TV interview.

Upon introspection, Jake revealed his regret that he did not do more to defend freedom in the past. Conversely, Liberty stated that she did not have any remorse for her time with Jake and that she gained a deeper understanding of who she was because of their friendship.

There were speculations that Liberty rekindled an old flame with Hugo Hammond after the breakup, but it turned out to be unfounded. After wrapping up filming for the seventh season of “Love Island,” Jake has returned home to spend time with his loved ones.

Meanwhile, Liberty has undergone a remarkable change since her breakup, earning plaudits from virtually all of her co-stars. We hope that Liberty and Jake enjoy every moment of their newfound independence.

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