Are Jake and April Still Together Or Broke Things Off?

Are Jake and April Still Together: In Netflix's newest reality dating series, The Ultimatum, couples face a major decision: Should they get married? Would it be better if they just stopped talking? What if, for the time being, everyone simply switched partners? If you think that sounds chaotic, you'd be right. April Marie and Jake Cunningham, but all the couples this season go through a lot. This begs the obvious question: Are Jake and April Still Together? Or is this a final separation? Okay, so let's look into this.

Who Is Jake Cunnigham?

Army veteran Jake Cunningham from Austin also served in the Marines. The 26-year-old and his partner, April Marie, are ready to fight again after overcoming difficult difficulties on the ground. He has been dating Cunningham for two years and the 23-year-old influencer, who has more than 55K Instagram followers as of this writing, wants a ring on her finger.

Who Is April Marie?

America's own April Marie, born in 1998, is a model, social media celebrity, and reality TV star. She has gained notoriety for her participation in a variety of campaigns and picture sessions. Earlier, she was featured on billboards for a variety of companies in the Los Angeles area.

She has since landed a role on the newest Netflix original series, “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on.” To help you learn more about her, we have included some information about her future series. But in addition to that, we should mention that she frequently updates her TikTok channel with new and amusing videos.

Jake & April's Journey on the Ultimatum

Jake and Rae Williams hit it off immediately during the “dating” phase of The Ultimatum when the couples spend a week getting to know each other and the other contestants. As the only two people left without a trial-marriage partner, April and Colby Kissinger are paired automatically.

Are Jake and April Still Together

Although April & Colby develop a warm friendship over the course of the show their relationship pales in comparison to that of Jake & Rae, whose strong romantic feelings are the source of much conflict. As the season finale approaches, it is still unclear what will happen; April has made no secret of her desire to marry Jake, but he seems torn between proposing to April, leaving with Rae & forgetting both April & Rae altogether.

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Are Jake and April Still Together?

Nope. In the season finale, April maintained her ultimatum to Jake, insisting that he clarify their relationship status. Because Jake wasn't ready for marriage, they called it quits. No evidence of a romantic relationship can be found on their Instagram accounts. Neither of them has any joint posts on their feeds or in their tagged prints.

Is April Finally Moved on from Jake?

No matter what April Marie wants, April always gets it. She really, really, really wants a ring. “Firecracker” from “The Ultimatum” finally named her new beau during the April 13 reunion episode. The 23-year-old revealed that she had moved in with her “older” boyfriend in Austin, Texas and that their relationship is “serious” and “healthy” on the show.

Are Jake and April Still Together

April joked to E! News that “when I was supposed to have my hot-girl winter, he disrupted it and we've been dating for six months” after she met “Mr. Right.” It turns out that her new beau is Cody Cooper, a real estate agent and vape business owner living in Texas.

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According to his Instagram bio, the 30-year-old entrepreneur is also developing another brand called WOODCOX, which is touted as a “Men's Luxury Underwear” line. April 14 was the day April wrote their love story on Instagram, “The uniqueness of YOU is appreciated. To the greatest man, boyfriend, partner, and best friend in the world, thank you. There are a million reasons why I adore, respect, and love you.”


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