Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together From Love Island Games?

Every couple on a show like Peacock's “Love Island Games” has a special journey that their supporters fervently follow. This is undoubtedly the case for Raymond “Ray” Gantt and Imani Wheeler, who have gained a lot of followers throughout the course of the series because of their time together.

The two extremely well-liked competitors face a number of challenges in their quest to maintain their relationship, which appears to strengthen as a result.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that fans all around the world are eager to find out if their on-screen romance is still going strong today.

Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together?

Ray wanted to make their connection official and asked the model to be his girlfriend after they reconciled for the last time.

“I want to accompany you into the real world.” Before posing the crucial query, Ray said to Imani, “I feel like every test that was thrown at us here—we conquered it and on the outside world, we can do the same.” “I kind of wanted to propose to you as my girlfriend. I would like to go there. What are your thoughts about that?

Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together

Even though Imani acknowledged that she “was not expecting” Ray to take their relationship further, she nevertheless said yes.

Shortly after establishing their friendship, Imani deviated from their strategy during the carnival activities, demonstrating how poorly they could communicate.

After leaving the villa, neither Imani nor Ray discussed the state of their relationship. The two, however, do not have any mutual followers on Instagram and do not share any images of one another on their social media profiles.

When Did Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Get Eliminated on ‘Love Island Games’?

A few challenges came up for the former members of Love Island USA during their tenure on the spinoff series, and not just in the group competitions.

During the first week at the Fiji-based villa, Johnny Middlebrooks took Imani after Ray failed the physically demanding duel challenge. But at the first recoupling ceremony of the season, the two got back together. After Imani and Ray proved their authority in the group by winning the “Madix Mountain” challenge, the other couples had their sights set on them.

Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together

Nevertheless, when Mike Boateng of Love Island UK snatched Imani when he joined the show, the two had a sense of déjà vu. Ray felt a certain way about the recoupling, even though Imani had no influence over Mike's choice.

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After Mike took Imani in for the recoupling, Ray said to her, “I guess I was a little frustrated with the whole thing because for him to choose you, you had to give him some type of vibe and energy.”

After yet another recoupling ceremony, Mike and Imani were formally back together, but the unpleasant tension didn't last long. However, their time in the villa was running out after they failed the carnival games challenge and Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba took them home.

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