Are Harry and Beaux Still Together From Too Hot to Handle?

While many other couples on this season's Too Hot to Handle kept things steamy in the villas, one duo, in particular, won our hearts with their tender moments. It took Harry and Beaux a long to realize they were meant for each other, but they were the only couple from Season 3 to become boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of the show. Have Harry and Beaux broken up after leaving paradise? What we do know is as follows.

How Did Harry and Beaux End Up Together?

Lana later revealed (spoiler alert) that Harry and Beaux were one of two couples to hit it off and would be leaving the show with $90,000 as the third season's joint winners.

Harry stated they “went from nothing to being in love,” and Beaux couldn't believe it. Even though Nathan and Georgia both came out on top, Nathan has come clean and said that he would have voted for Beau and Harry if given the option.

There were times when romance was lacking. Harry insisted they were just friends at the beginning of Season 3, and Beaux agreed he's not the traditional bad boy she'd usually go for.

Before their relationship blossomed, they shared a bed and engaged in some

Are Harry and Beaux Still Together?

At the third season reunion of “Too Hot to Handle,” Harry and Beaux finally admitted they were no longer together. So, what actually led to their breakup?

are harry and beaux still together?

“When we got home, it was going from being with one other every single day, and then nothing at all was just incredibly terrible,” Beaux said. As it turns out, the “Too Hot to Handle” star isn't one of those people for whom absence necessarily makes the heart grow fonder.

When questioned if there was any chance of reconciling after their breakup, the two admitted they were still in frequent contact with each other and that “never say never” was a sentiment they both shared.

Harry and Beaux reunited in January, and it appears that for the time being, at least, they are treating their relationship as platonic. Beaux shared two photos of herself and Harry on Instagram on Valentine's Day. The blonde bombshell wears scarlet underwear, and Harry stands shirtless behind her.

According to the caption, “Red roses and blue violets are a well-known adage. I've got @bouxavenue and I'm all set for Valentine's Day, “in which Beaux gives credit for her seductive appearance to the brand that made it possible.

A week later, Harry shared a series of Instagram photos of him and Beaux on a night out, with Harry assisting Beaux as she stepped out of a car in a skintight white minidress. He questioned those who claimed that “chivalry was dead” in an essay.

However, recent posts have shown that Harry and Beaux are no longer working together. No one can tell if these two are just pals or more than that.

Where Are Harry and Beaux Now?

Both Harry and Beaux have celebrated their appearances on Too Hot to Handle privately, at their own residences. Even though they live more than a four-hour car ride apart, the Netflix stars' loved ones were there to support them at their premiere.

Harry and his co-star Holly Scarfone seem to be flirting a bit on Instagram, despite the fact that there have been rumors that the two may be dating. After she said she was “ready to binge him,” he referred to her legs as “lovely.”


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 Beaux has been making headlines ever since her debut thanks to the news that she has signed with Neon Management, a talent agency that represents celebrities like Joey Essex. We saw Harry's comment on her latest post: “Slaying” with a fire emoji!

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