Are Gil and Myrla From “Married at First Sight” Still Together?

Gil and Myrla Still Together?: Gil Cuero & Myrla Feria, participants in the renowned Married at First Sight experiment, did not have an easy time of it. The duo from Season 13's Decision Day pledged to spend the rest of their lives together despite their many differences, but are Gil and Myrla still together? If you're curious about where things are between Gil and Myrla, keep reading.

Who Are Gil and Myrla?

Myrla, a leadership coach from Texas with over a decade of experience in schools, is 34 years old, and she relied on professionals to help her discover a good fit. Gil, a firefighter in his 35s from Texas, dreams of settling down with a wife and kids.  On the side, he enjoys doing some salsa dancing.

A Rough Start

Ever since their wedding day, Gil & Myrla's divergent views on how to live had been apparent. The matchmakers chose them because they share a commitment to family & traditional values. However, they had completely opposing views on the subject of currency. Let’s discover Are Gil and Myrla Still Together? in this post.

Gil and Myrla Still Together

While Myrla worked hard & appreciated the better things in life, Gil was unmotivated by money & was content with a simpler lifestyle. Although Myrla was initially concerned that she wasn't immediately drawn to Gil, she soon developed feelings for him.

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Even though the majority of Married at First Sight viewers on Lifetime expected the pair to break up on Decision Day, they were taken by surprise when the two decided to remain a couple.

Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

To begin with, the couple has decided to stay together on Decision Day. Their romance, however, did not survive more than a week after the cameras stopped rolling. When Gil told the experts on Married at First Sight at the 2021 reunion, “I was blindsided by how everything went down,” they all looked at him like he was crazy.

Gil and Myrla Still Together

She must have had some feelings I was unaware of. Before it was over, I had no idea. Leadership coach Myrla told the panel, “For me, there were things that transpired after Decision Day where I didn't feel that I could feel secure with him to make financial decisions for us in the future.” Myrla maintained that money was the only issue that caused the separation.

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Issues Between Myrla & Gil

Gil's teasing caused Myrla issues too. She now says she found some of their comments insulting, even though she seemed cool with their antics on the show. Gil & Myrla are still together. Gil joked about her spoiled behavior. It got tiresome, even though I didn't want it to. “I should have told him not to call me such names,” she said.

I hardly mind. However, I was upset to learn that he was saying similar things to others without me. I never cursed or called him names & he never told me. Myrla continued: “I can communicate behaviors I don't like, but turning to name-calling is not something I expected going into this process. It was a novel experience for me & a juvenile method of expression on his part.

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