Are Faye and Teddy Still Together? The Answer Will Shock You!

In season 7 of “Love Island UK,” a dating reality show where contestants team up to endure politics, challenges, and drama, one of the most popular couples was Faye Winter and Teddy Soares. Their sincere efforts to be together were praised by their fans. After a minor bump, they talked it out and proved they could get through it.

The two have recently been in the news for a probable breakup, and their admirers are grasping at any information they can find online about the rumored split. Let's find out whether “Are Faye and Teddy Still Together or not?”.

Faye and Teddy's Journey on Love Island Uk

Faye, a Lettings Manager, paired up with Brad and Liam the first week. Already, Teddy, the Senior Financial Consultant, had women falling over him like he was a new bombshell. Faye was one of the four girls he took out.

The tensions flared, and they couldn't stay apart if not for one small misunderstanding. During the episode in which the male competitors went on a “lads' holiday,” Faye and Teddy had a minor disagreement.

Are Faye and Teddy Still Together

Their current partners were shown touching the new ladies when six more bombshells joined them. Faye was quite furious that Teddy kissed Clarisse Juliette. Also, Faye didn't know that to prevent getting engaged with another woman, he slept under a blanket of mosquitoes outside Casa Amor.

So, Faye got coy with Sam Jackson again and they got back together. The couple had been fighting, but they reconciled after a talk on the patio. When Teddy told Faye about the game, she immediately felt bad and apologized.

He said that the idea of her kissing anyone else made him envious. The argument ended with a passionate kiss between the two. The public voted the couple into third place because they were so endearing.


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They were obviously looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together, and their plans for the future reflected that enthusiasm. Was the show a true reflection of their relationship, or did they end up like most reality TV couples who try to put their plans into action and resolve their conflicts?

Are Faye and Teddy Still Together?

Faye and Teddy are still an item, despite persistent rumors to the contrary. First, let’s have a quick recap of what the two planned after the show. Faye mentioned the couple's intention to move in together during an interview.

Her exact words were, “We have talked about it and I think we will likely have a house together, although I will probably still spend two or three nights in Devon, depending on scheduling at work.”

Also, they discussed the dynamics of their partnership and the ways in which their personalities complement one another. To which Teddy responded, “To be honest, I'm the ice to her fire! Generally, we have a blast together, making each other laugh and even sharing some tender moments.

Everything is just right here. I think every aspect of a partnership is important, even the fights. It's all in how you take it. The couple kept their word and settled into their ideal London apartment shortly thereafter.

Are Faye and Teddy Still Together

Faye announced the relocation on Instagram and wrote, “Well people, we have moved in today to our little dream humble house! It's very lovely. Having gone back to see it again today, I enjoy it much more than I did the first time.

Bonnie, a Golden Retriever puppy of five months of age, was the newest addition to the family. They couldn't go on their holiday trip since the puppy hadn't been vaccinated against rabies. Even yet, it's a tiny price to pay for such a cute pet.

All appears OK between them; where did the public get wind of a breakup? It all started when Faye promoted a brand for Valentine's Day in a video in which she wore a baby pink lace lingerie set & wrote the remark, “Valentine's isn't just for couples, it's also a time to fall in love with oneself.”

The caption caused many readers to pause and engage in some creative mental acrobatics. What was intended as an encouraging message for all was twisted into a declaration of separation? On the other hand, they hadn't posted a photo together in over a month before the lingerie commercial was released.

The two reportedly had been at odds over the future of their relationship. Teddy had even written about his mental breakdown and shared it online. He reassured me, “It's fine to cry. And he urged his devotees, “It's alright to let your emotions out; I'm in a tough spot.

In light of the evidence, it seems likely that Teddy and Faye have each been taking a break to give their love a second chance. In the absence of any official word to the contrary, we will not jump to conclusions and assume that they have broken up.

It is our sincere wish that the pair will be able to work through their problems and share an update with their devoted following. No matter what happens, we hope that the couple finds love and happiness.

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