Are Emily and Cam Still Together From Too Hot to Handle?

“Too Hot to Handle,” the hit reality dating series on Netflix, brought together singles from around the world in a unique social experiment that challenged their ability to form connections without physical intimacy.

Among the couples that emerged from the show were Cam Holmes and Emily Miller, whose romance captivated viewers.

In this article, we'll explore the question on everyone's minds: Are Cam and Emily still together?

Are Emily and Cam Still Together?

Yes, Emily and Cam are still in a relationship. The couple, who were on season 2 of the reality dating show, are claimed to be closer than they were before.

However, this was not always the case with Emily Miller and Cam Holmes, who looked to split momentarily in April 2022 owing to cheating rumors.

Are Emily and Cam Still Together

Cam was accused of cheating on Emily at the time, but they have put their trust difficulties behind them and restarted their romance.

Emily and Cam were drawn to each other on Too Hot To Handle from the start, but Cam struggled to commit, assuring newbie Christina that he and Emily weren't “serious.”

By the end of the series, however, the pair had fallen in love, with Cam eventually dropping the L-bomb and asking Emily to be his girlfriend.

Emily's most recent Instagram image of herself and Cam is of their reflections in a window, which she captioned, “

And fans are overjoyed that they're still together. “So happy for you two… going strong,” one fan said.

Another commented, “You guys are the best.” A third fan commented, “The only couple I'll ever root for.”

Cam also claimed that he believed his parents' relationship had hampered his ability to settle down, but that after working on himself on the show, he and Emily were the only couple from season 2 whose relationship survived in the real world.

Did Emily and Cam Break Up?

Yes, Emily and Cam did have a brief breakup in the spring of 2022. Rumors of their breakup had been circulating for some time, and Emily appeared to confirm the news when she tweeted a TikTok with the message “Me realizing I'm single af.”

Fans were perplexed by the news, especially as Cam had only days before uploaded a romantic Instagram image for Emily's birthday with the caption “My happy birthday x”

Are Emily and Cam Still Together

According to the Mail Online, the couple split because Cam had been unfaithful while Emily was on vacation in Thailand. Emily was allegedly caught in bed with another lady, according to the magazine.

However, in a September YouTube video, Cam and Emily addressed the rumors surrounding their divorce and stated that they are back together. “I think it's finally time we addressed it,” Emily said in the video, adding, “We are in such a good place now, we can.”

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“At the time, we didn't address it because it was really difficult to say the right thing,” Cam explained. But we didn't want to address it because our relationship is genuine and not for public consumption.”

Emily put the rumors to rest by adding, “We weren't in a great place when things happened, but now, we've worked on us, we've worked through it, and we're better than ever.”

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