Are Dom and Georgia Still Together From Perfect Match?

Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati won Perfect Match season 1, and here's an update on what they've been up to since appearing on one of the best reality TV shows. Perfect Match season 2 will premiere in the summer of 2024, and while Dom and Georgia will not be returning as cast members, there will be other reality TV stars from Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, Love Is Blind, and others.

Dom had a difficult start at Perfect Match. He fell head over heels for Francesca Farago, the reality TV villain from Too Hot to Handle season 1. While they appeared to be a good match, she chose to sacrifice him for the chance to reconnect with Damian Powers from Love Is Blind season 1.

Georgia noticed an opening with Dom and took a gamble. Despite his reservations, he fell in love with Georgia and sailed to the finish line.

Now that all of the episodes have aired, fans of the reality dating show want to know how long each couple stayed on the outside. Read on to find out if Dom and Georgia are still together from season 1 of The Perfect Match and where they are now after Perfect Match Season 1.

Are Dom and Georgia still together?

While Dom and Georgia appeared to be a fantastic match on the show, they fortunately ended their relationship after season one. Distance appeared to play a part, as Georgia lives in Australia and Dom lives in Toronto, Canada.

However, more ominous events occurred behind the scenes, giving the impression that their split was anything but peaceful. Georgia and Harry Jowsey started dating, however, there was reported overlap between their relationships.

Are Dom and Georgia still together?

Instead of dealing with the drama behind the scenes, Dom lambasted Georgia publicly. The fallout was unpleasant for everyone concerned.

Unfortunately, Dom and Georgia appear to be no longer friends as a result of their disagreement. They don't interact on social media and haven't talked about each other since the aftermath and Georgia's appearance on Harry's show.

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However, they are both thriving. Georgia is an effective influencer in a positive, healthy relationship. Dom continues to pursue his musical career and make amusing videos, which have gained him influencer status. While Dom and Georgia were not meant to be, Perfect Match season 2 should yield more long-term relationships.

Where are Georgia and Dom now?

Dom and Georgia appeared to peacefully terminate their romance shortly after appearing on Perfect Match, but a social media feud suggests they no longer have such positive sentiments for each other.

After the ‘Where are they now?' video aired, in which Dom claimed to have been “blindsided” by Georgia's podcast with Harry Jowsey, Georgia responded to Dom's comments in an Instagram story. She wrote: “Since Dom prefers to speak online rather than face-to-face, this is for you, Dom. You are so ‘unconcerned', but you never told me about your problems with the title of a podcast I had no say in making.

Are Dom and Georgia still together?

“I returned to our hotel after the podcast. You carefully missed out that you had dinner with Ines that night, and I returned to our hotel before you. Didn't you imply that you two were in constant communication after the show? And are you currently dating?

Since then, there's been a lot of back and forth between the two, and Dom responded with a post revealing screenshots of messages apparently from Georgia, with the description, “Why would I speak to you about having problems after I asked how the podcast was straight after? But you omitted to say that you literally mentioned me on the program, and I didn't know till later.”

He went on to state that his meal with Ines included another Perfect Match cast member, Zay Wilson, and the show's producers and that he is “very f**king single,” in response to Georgia's assertion that he is dating Ines.

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Georgia has dated Harry Jowsey, who is also in a relationship with another Perfect Match contestant, Francesca Farago, since her appearance on the show.

The couple acknowledged their relationship in an April 2022 TikTok post, and Georgia was rumored to have moved in with Harry in Los Angeles for a short period of time. However, it did not last, and the couple separated later that year.

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