Are Clayton and Anali Still Together From ’90 Day Fiancé’?

Reality television has an uncanny ability to weave intricate narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. “90 Day Fiancé” is one such show that introduces viewers to couples navigating the complexities of international relationships. Among the myriad of personalities, Clayton and Anali Hit emerged as a couple that piqued the curiosity of fans. As the dust settles post-show, the burning question lingers: Are Clayton and Anali still together?

Are Clayton and Anali Still Together?

Clayton and Analí are reportedly still together. Clayton posted a snapshot of him and Analí on a double date with his best buddy Kameron and his girlfriend on December 20, 2023. Clayton and Anali also follow each other on social media, which is a good sign that their relationship is still strong.

“Uncomfortable conversations.” Clayton captioned the photo, “Relationships strengthened,” and promised to return. “We'll be back, San Diego.”

Are Clayton and Anali Still Together

“Thank you, @pisco_sour_502, for opening your kitchen to us for a Peruvian cooking lesson! The real Peruvian cuisine and hospitality were exceptional. You all deserve the success that your restaurant offers. Clayton captioned the shot, “Thank you for making me a better chef and giving Analí a reminder of Peru.” “Fun fact: we both cooked the meals we were eating on camera.”

Are Clayton and Anali married?

Clayton and Anali married in Season 10, Episode 18, although she kept him waiting at the altar for an additional 30 minutes. The couple's lack of social media activity is most likely due to a desire to keep viewers on their toes.

However, now that Clayton and Anali's wedding episode has aired, we expect the couple to have more pleasant memories together—unless they didn't make it very far after getting married.

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However, until we find evidence that Clayton and Anali are not together, we will assume they are happily married.

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