Are Chris and Zoe Still Together From the Love Island Australia?

“Love Island Australia” has been a captivating journey for both the contestants and the audience, with romantic relationships blooming in the picturesque villa. Among the couples that formed during the show, Chris and Zoe gained attention for their chemistry and connection. However, as with any reality TV romance, fans are left wondering: Are Chris and Zoe still together?

In this article, we explore the latest updates on the relationship status of this Love Island couple.

Are Chris and Zoe still together?

No, Chris and Zoe from Love Island, Australia, have broken up. In their conversation, they say that they've chosen to stay friends instead of dating. Chris and Zoe both said it wasn't an easy choice, but they both stressed how important it is to be honest.

Are Chris and Zoe still together?

Chris talked about how hard it is to grow as a person outside of the show, and Zoe said she wasn't as ready for a relationship as she thought she was after finding out about problems from the past.

Even though they were no longer together, they showed love and support for each other. We posted happy pictures of ourselves together for weeks before we made the news.

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Even though they're not together anymore, they ask their friends and family to be understanding and patient with them as they go through this hard time.

Chris and Zoe's Journey on Love Island Australia

It looked like love at first sight for Chris and Zoe. They didn't have as much trouble getting into the villa as most of the other pairs this season. Zoe came in a little late in the fourth week, after Chris, who came in the second week.

Chris fell in love with Zoe's personality and charm as soon as they saw each other. Zoe, on the other hand, loved how honest he was. From then on, their relationship moved quickly forward.

Are Chris and Zoe still together?

Zoe picked to go on speed dates with three Islanders to start her journey. Chris was her first choice. As the couple praised each other and learned about the things they had in common, you could feel their chemistry.

As they praised each other's eyes and found things they had in common, it was clear that they were connected. This made Chris break up with Zoe, and the rest is history. As their talks got more in-depth and important, it wasn't long before they shared private moments.

During Casa Week, Chris learned how much he liked Zoe more than he thought. This made their happy relationship even stronger.

The two became more and more loyal to each other as time went on and problems were encountered. Chris made Zoe go on a treasure hunt around the villa to find the notes he had left for her. This made things even more romantic.

Chris asked her to be his girlfriend on the tree swing, which was the last spot she went to. They were the first legal couple in the villa. The couple went to the hideaway to celebrate their big moment. Zoe said, “I know I'll have a great time as long as you're by my side, whether we're inside the villa or outside,” as they talked happily about their relationship.

Where are Chris and Zoe Now?

After the split, both Chris and Zoe happily moved on in life. There were rumors in early 2022 that Chris was dating Lexy Thornberry, who was also on “Love Island.” In February of that year, they revealed that they were dating.

But, unfortunately, they broke up four months later. Chris has stayed out of the public eye since then. He is on social media, but he has chosen to keep his life private and out of the public eye.

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At the same time, Zoe has been focusing on her life on the Gold Coast with her family and friends. The stunning diva has been very active on social media, showing glimpses of how she's decided to get back in touch with her family.

However, Zoe has chosen to keep her present relationship status a secret and has not shared any information about it.

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