Are Charity and Dotun Still Together From The Bachelorette 2023?

In the world of relationships, love often takes center stage, captivating both those involved and those who follow their story from afar. Charity and Dotun's journey, a testament to the power of love, has been closely followed by fans and well-wishers alike.

In this article, we explore the status of Charity and Dotun's relationship to answer the burning question: Are they still together?

Who Is Dotun Olubeko?

Dotun is a former track star who is extremely health-conscious (he's an integrative medicine specialist, according to his ABC bio) and has the most adorable parents. Furthermore, his family is from California, although he resides in Brooklyn, New York. So Charity is preparing to go from New York to Los Angeles.

Dotun's work title on The Bachelorette was “Integrative Medicine Specialist.” Dotun is the owner of DPT Fitness, a health coaching and fitness instruction company he launched in March 2020, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Dotun also serves as a performance guide for Lifeforce Fitness. He formerly worked as an athletic partnership director at The BodyBuilding LLC, a freelance sports nutrition consultant, and a student researcher at Chicago State University's Department of Graduate Studies.

In 2018, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences with a minor in General Health and Wellness from California State University, Chicago. In April 2022, he will also receive his Master of Science in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition from the University of Western States.

Are Charity and Dotun Still Together?

The couple is still in love and celebrating their engagement. Dotun commented on Instagram on August 26th, “Birthday wishes and engagement kisses:).” “Here's to rolling the dice and winning big in life and love,” he wrote alongside photographs of a pair on a trip to Las Vegas.

Are Charity and Dotun Still Together

On August 22, the integrative medicine doctor celebrated her 31st birthday in The Venetian, where she shared multiple photos of herself kissing Charity.

On September 5, Charity captioned a series of images showing herself cuddling up to Dotun on a night out, “Dance partner 4L.”

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As the couple seemed to be totally overhead in love, he commented in the comments, “4eva Eva 3.”

JoJo Fletcher, who married her final rose recipient Jordan Rodgers in May 2022, gushed over the photographs, writing, “Happy and in love looks good on you girl!”

When Does Charity and Dotun Plan to Get Married?

The couple intends to marry in 2025 or 2026. Charity told fans on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, “We're not trying to extend this 17 years down the road,” while Dotun said, “We're both ready, but we're both smart.”

Are Charity and Dotun Still Together

We simply want to appreciate what we have. [We're] still in our twenties. Wedding planning entails a lot of work, and we're just enjoying one other's company and want to create more before that wonderful day.”

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