Are Cely and Eyal Still Together From Love Island Games?

The realm of virtual romance took center stage in “Love Island Games,” offering participants the chance to forge connections in a unique digital landscape. Among the standout couples on the show were Cely and Eyal, whose budding relationship captured the attention and affection of viewers.

As fans eagerly track their post-Love Island Games journey, the question persists: Are Cely and Eyal still together? In this article, we delve into the latest updates and speculations surrounding the relationship status of this Love Island Games couple.

Are Cely and Eyal Still Together?

Cely Vasquez and Eyal Booker were the final pair to kick off the island before the final three. Following the show, the two applauded each other but did not divulge whether or not they were still dating.

are cely and eyal still together

Cely gushed about her partnership in the villa in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Oh, Eyal is the best.” I was quite blessed to be paired with him because I believe he was aware that some of these problems were causing me difficulty, but he was always supportive and constantly, you know, cheering me on.

And I don't believe I could have been placed with a finer person at this time. He just always elevated my spirits, and right before stepping [into the difficulties], I felt perfectly prepared because I knew he was going to be there for me no matter what.”

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Eyal wrote, “I had the best time, met the best people, and shared unforgettable moments.” I couldn't have met or spent my time with a greater person than Cely.”

Who is the host of the Love Island Games?

The Love Island Games are hosted by Maya Jama. She also hosts Love Island UK, which ITV confirmed in October 2022 will replace Laura Whitmore, who departed the show following season 8.

“I've always been a huge Love Island fan, and I'm thrilled to be hosting one of the country's favorite shows!” “I can't wait to get into the villa and meet all of the islanders,” Jama stated at the time in a statement.

Jama is delighted to show off what the seasoned Islanders have in store for this season of Love Island. “As a fan myself, the most surprising element is how tough the challenges and games actually are,” she said in an interview with Elite Daily.

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“I assumed they'd be Love Island-style games: not too tough, lighthearted, and a lot of kissing.” However, there are some extremely difficult ones that require your complete might. Many of them I couldn't do. I'd be wiped out immediately. Given that the islanders are not gladiators or athletes, they performed admirably.”

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