Are Cashay and Cinco Still Together From Love Island USA?

“Love Island,” the reality TV sensation that brings singles together in a tropical paradise to find love, has had viewers hooked on the romantic entanglements of its participants.

Among the couples that captured the audience's attention, Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland's relationship stands out.

As the show progressed, fans became invested in their connection, prompting the burning question: Are Cashay and Cinco still together?

Are Cashay and Cinco Still Together?

Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. have decided to keep their relationship private. As a result, their current relationship status is uncertain. Cinco resorted to social media after being booted off the competition to justify his conduct.

Are Cashay and Cinco Still Together

He stated that he selected Trina over Cash since he felt Cash did not reciprocate his feelings and seemed to push him away when he attempted to approach her. He did, however, say that if he had known Cash's actual feelings, things might have turned out differently.

Cinco did not deny that he would be open to pursuing a relationship with Cash outside of the show but instead stated that he would be open to seeing how things work.

This statement sparked conjecture that the couple would end up together after Cash's departure. However, there have been no confirmed reports on that, owing to the two's preference to keep the details of their personal life secret from public scrutiny.

Furthermore, because the show is still on the air, Cash and Cinco may have agreed to keep their relationship status a secret until after the season finale.

As a result, it's unclear whether Cash and Cinco are still together. However, given the pair's newfound celebrity as a result of their appearance on ‘Love Island,' we hope they remain happy in the future.

Cinco’s Love Triangle

Trina Njoroge picked Cinco when her relationship with Jeremy Hershberg ended. It didn't take long for Cinco to reciprocate his feelings and re-couple with Trina, leaving Cashay behind. The entire incident produced the love triangle situation, which got people fighting and standing up for their favorite duo.

Are Cashay and Cinco Still Together

Cinco had a Q&A on Instagram after his eviction from the program, and many fans asked about the love triangle issue. He said that he had never fully known about Cashay's feelings previously.

He had feelings for both Cashay and Trina, and they had feelings for him. Staying with Cashay, despite his best efforts, she scarcely opened up to him and pushed him away.

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He tried to shove his love for Cashay down and went to re-couple with Trina because he wasn't sure about her feelings for him. Even if there was a good chance the scenario would have been different if he had known how Cashay felt for him at the start.

But the pair is currently in a good place, working on their relationship.

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