Are Bronte and Harrison Still Together From Married at First Sight Australia?

Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon from Married at First Sight Australia were among the first couples to meet for the first time at the altar for the tenth season of the reality show.

Although their cheeks brightened up when they first saw each other, things changed dramatically when Bronte learned via a friend that Harrison had been keeping a female on the side for when he “finished” the experiment. Watch the video below to witness the stunning moment.

The pair instantly went into a downward spiral in the subsequent episodes; did they make it work in the end? Continue reading to learn more about Bronte and Harrison's current whereabouts, but be warned: there may be spoilers for Series 10.

Are Harrison and Brontë still together?

While we won't know for sure until the end of the season, Harrison and Bronte appear to be still together. According to New Idea, Harrison recently appeared on Today Extra and revealed that the couple is still together and has been living together for a month.

He said, “We're in a terrific spot. There are genuine feelings there, and I introduced Bronte to my son, which was a significant step. I can picture myself being with this gal in the long run.

There are many questions about whether it is genuine. We've been living together for over a month now. “That is just the natural progression of a relationship.”

Are Harrison and Brontë still together?

However, when Bronte appeared on the Australian breakfast radio show Fitzy and Wippa, she raised some questions about her relationship status. When asked if she was seeing someone, Bronte replied, “Hey, I am still wearing my ring. So who knows what will happen?

But she also commented about a Married at First Sight episode where Harrison snatched a girl's phone number, and she said that viewing her early approval of Harrison's behavior made her feel like a “clown.”.

In addition, Harrison and Bronte do not follow each other on Instagram, however, Harrison does follow some of the other contenders.

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