Are Brittany and Marcelino Still Together From Love After Lockup?

The world of reality television has a knack for drawing viewers into the personal lives of its participants, and the unfolding saga of Brittany and Marcelino on “Love After Lockup” has been nothing short of captivating.

As fans have followed the couple's journey through ups and downs, one burning question looms large: Are Brittany and Marcelino still together after “Love After Lockup”?

In this article, we explore the latest updates on their relationship and the enduring dynamics that have defined their post-incarceration love story.

Are Marcelino Santiago and Brittany Dodd Still Together?

We are happy to inform you that Marcelino and Brittany are still together and going strong. Giovanni is Brittany's kid from a previous marriage. The pair moved in together soon after getting married and looked forward to a bright future.

Zoila, Brittany, and Marcelino's first child was born in December 2018, and Marciano, their second child, was born in March 2020. It's interesting to note that the couple credited the program for fostering their relationship and said that being in the spotlight put it on the “fast track.”

Are Brittany and Marcelino Still Together

The couple even went so far as to purchase a home, adopt two dogs, and start a family- and friend-centered existence. Even though Brittany and her mother hadn't spoken to each other since they were little, Marcelino assisted in their reconciliation, and their journey was chronicled in “Life After Lockup.”

Additionally, Brittany released a memoir in 2020 under the title “One Woman's Journey: Surviving the Streets.” Furthermore, fans would be overjoyed to learn that Brittany obtained her real estate license in 2021, enabling her to launch her own company.

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The pair appears to be happy and comfortable with their current situation; they currently own a two-story home in Las Vegas. Although Brittany frequently posts pictures of their children on social media, she even said, “Thank you baby for making me feel so loved and appreciated!!!” in a post devoted to the love of her life.

It is quite beautiful to see the affection they have for one another, and we hope that in the end, happiness never eludes them.

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