Are Ben and Ashley Still Together From Temptation Island Season 2?

Temptation Island, a reality show that puts couples to the ultimate test, has left viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting updates on the couples' relationships once the cameras stop rolling.

One such couple that captured the audience's attention in Season 2 was Ben and Ashley.

Ben Knobloch and Ashley Howland left Temptation Island Season 2 with the hope of strengthening their relationship. But this was not the case.

As the season unfolded with emotional highs and lows, fans have been left wondering: What happened between Ben and Ashley after Temptation Island?

Ashley and Ben's journey on Temptation Island

On the show, Ashley understood her worth and decided she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her then-boyfriend, Casey Starchek.

She had to undergo an unusual proposal, but fans assumed she had found her happy ending when she left the island. However, this was not the case. Find out what they said regarding the termination of their relationship.

Ashley went on Temptation Island to gain clarity about her relationship, which is a typical question among the couples on the show.

Are Ben and Ashley Still Together

She and her then-boyfriend Casey had been having problems for quite some time, and they wanted to find a solution. Unfortunately, Ashley began to recognize that there was a serious problem in their relationship.

Casey went about telling the single girls that he had Ashley wrapped around his finger, which made her uncomfortable. Ashley quickly began investigating her connections, particularly with Ben, and it appeared as if they clicked straight away.

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Viewers believed it would last, but rebounding rarely works out for anyone. After Casey's failed proposal, Ashley and Ben left Temptation Island together.

Are Ashley and Ben still together?

Ashley and Ben are no longer dating, and have not been since shortly after Season 2. In an interview with Bustle in December 2019, Ashley stated that his true colors were revealed after the show ended.

She remarked, “It took about a 360. I am not even kidding. We are not together. And he's an entirely different person.

Ben had a very different take on the split. In 2019, he also gave a candid interview in which he portrayed Ashley as the source of their problems.

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He claimed, “We kept in touch as acquaintances, and if she needed help, I was pleased to assist. Until recently, she and I were on good terms. I'm looking forward to seeing what stories she posts on social media to harm my reputation.”

It's safe to say that the two have split up and will not think about getting back together.

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