Are Becca and Austin Still Together From MAFS Season 17?

In the seventeenth season of “Married at First Sight,” Rebecca and Austin reveal their cards as a couple committed to investigating the potential of a genuine connection. Brimming with expectation, the reality TV show follows the couple's journey as they stand on the brink of eternal life.

Despite an uncomfortable beginning, the couple's distinct characteristics allow them enough space to work out a potential partnership. Fans have been curious about the reality stars more since they had such an unusual beginning to the series.

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Are Austin and Becca Still Together?

Although it is unknown if Becca and Austin are still together, they reacted quite well to one another when they first met at their wedding.

Are Austin and Becca still Together

Austin's parents had already expressed serious worries about him being able to find a fulfilling marriage throughout the trial, despite their chemistry.

When his mother Suzanne first expressed her disapproval of her son's “unusual way” of finding a marriage, she said, “It's not a game.” “People's feelings are really important, and it's really serious.”

Austin and Becca's Love Story

When it comes to allowing matchmakers and relationship gurus to take charge of his romantic life, Austin is no stranger to the risks involved. The 31-year-old does, however, think that finding someone who matches his personality will constitute the perfect match.

Despite exploring a plethora of opportunities due to his unfettered love for creativity and travel, he has not yet found someone with whom he could share his interests.

Becca and Austin seem to have similar preferences on paper. Nevertheless, despite having similar interests and points of view, Austin and Becca had a difficult beginning, as witnessed on the show. The guests wondered if they might have a promising future together after their first unpleasant discussion.

Are Austin and Becca still Together

The couple has stated that they want to investigate the limits of their relationship nonetheless. They want to find a way to find out if they are compatible, in addition to being dedicated to being true to themselves. Although not much is known about Austin's past relationships, the TV personality has stated that he hopes to be in a vibrant and creative partnership in the future.

Rebecca made the decision to seek the assistance of professionals, matchmakers, and pastors in her quest for a normal Colorado male. Even though the TV star knew that there was always a chance that she wouldn't find love on reality shows, she nevertheless applied to the show in an attempt to find the unending passion and love that she frequently witnessed between other couples.

Rebecca is a skilled photographer who specializes in bridal and wedding sessions, so she is familiar with the power of matrimony. She now aspires to the same happiness and romantic relationship.

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Rebecca hasn't fallen in love with a man, despite the fact that her career has continued to provide her success and fulfillment. At heart, the TV personality is an authentic adventurer who doesn't hesitate to be who she is. Although she hasn't found the ideal person yet, her entry in “Married at First Sight” aims to change that.

It's not surprising that the matchmakers think Rebecca and Austin will get along, given the disproportionate amount of shared interests. It makes sense that she and Austin would have discovered the secret to contentment.

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