Are Ashley and Manuel Still Together From 90-Day Fiance?

The world of reality television has introduced audiences to a myriad of relationships, and one that grabbed the attention of '90 Day Fiancé' fans was the union of Ashley and Manuel. As viewers follow their journey, navigating the complexities of love, cultural differences, and the pressures of the K-1 visa process, the burning question remains: are Ashley and Manuel still together?

In this article, we'll explore the details surrounding this '90 Day Fiancé' couple and shed light on the current status of their relationship.

Are Ashley and Manuel Still Together?

Manuel leaves Ecuador and travels to America to be with Ashley in Season 10, Episode 2. While they have an emotional reunion at the airport, with Ashley crying when she sees him, their first night back together goes wrong.

Are Ashley and Manuel Still Together

Because of his views about Ashley's witchcraft and his disdain for her dog, the couple faces some challenges before they can marry. However, for the time being, the two appear to want to work things out and be patient with each other.

But that's not the end of the narrative. Despite their problems, Ashley and Manuel appear to be still together. On September 26, 2023, the couple attended the 90-Day Fiancé 10th anniversary event in New York City, where they smiled and posed for photos together.

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“I've never known her as a witch; she told me once, but I didn't pay much attention to it,” Manuel said when asked about her being a witch by Ashley, who translated his response to Entertainment Tonight. “And now understanding it—all of it—it's like a surprise.”

How did Ashley and Manuel meet?

Ashley is originally from Rochester, New York, and she had a dream during her university years that prompted her to explore somewhere tropical.

“I was literally in the woods, in the jungle, and I was like, working with the earth somehow, and it prompted me to talk to my biology teacher,” the self-proclaimed witch explained during the season 10 debut on October 9. “She says, ‘We're going to Ecuador in December.'” ‘Sign me up,' I said, and I went. That first year, I met Manuel.”

Are Ashley and Manuel Still Together

Ashley stated that they met on New Year's Eve when the Ecuadorian invited her to dance. While the couple was “inseparable” and engaged in less than a week, the New York native said they were “caught up in the moment being young and in love.”

Unfortunately, following her return home, the international pair attempted a long-distance relationship but soon broke up.

The couple from Season 10 rejoined more than seven years later, just one week after Ashley ended a long-term relationship. “I believe everyone can relate to this.” “When you leave a relationship, your ex-partners come out of the woodwork, even if you haven't announced it,” she explained to producers. “And Manuel, out of nowhere, was like, ‘Hola.'”

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Ashley claimed that when Manuel was in his twenties, he was a “f—k boy.” The season 10 star also called herself a “witch,” with her own tarot, astrology, and shadow work business.

The entrepreneur also admitted that Manuel was unaware of the depth of her “witchy practice,” and he was concerned about how he would be received once he landed in the United States.

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