Are Alex and Elys Still Together From Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

The sizzling reality series “Too Hot to Handle” has once again left fans eagerly awaiting the latest updates on their favorite couples. Among the captivating pairs that have graced the screen, Alex and Elys emerged as a dynamic duo whose chemistry set pulses racing.

Alex Snell, 28, from London, England, and Elys Hutchinson, 23, from Lausanne, Switzerland, were the original candidates on Too Hot to Handle Season 5 and appeared in Episode 1.

As the buzz around Season 5 continues, the burning question on fans' minds is whether Alex and Elys are still together. In this article, we delve into the mystery surrounding their relationship status and explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

Are Alex and Elys Still Together?

Alex had a crush on Elys since Episode 1, but she married Hunter, leaving Alex to date Megan. When Elys recognized her friendship with Alex was stronger than her relationship with Hunter, she ended her relationship with Hunter and began seeing Alex.

Alex and Elys remained together until the end of Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle when Elys asked Alex to be her boyfriend, and he said “yes.” Elys was elected the winner of the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 finale, while Alex was also a finalist.

Elys confirmed in a July 2023 interview with Elite Daily that she and Alex are no longer dating after Too Hot to Handle Season 5.

Elys revealed that she and Alex dated for around six months after Too Hot to Handle Season 5 wrapped, but they chose to call it quits owing to the considerable distance between them.

Are Alex and Elys Still Together

Alex is from London, England, and Elys is from Lausanne, Switzerland. They both live in Los Angeles, California. At the time of this writing, Alex and Elys were still following each other on Instagram.

“We stayed together just under six months after filming,” she went on to say. “It was a very entertaining six months—very fiery and passionate.” But, with me traveling so much and us flying so far, it just didn't work. We're still on good terms, which is terrific.”

While Elys and Alex are no longer together, she has confirmed that she remains friends with the entire cast, including Alex. “Pretty much all of them.”

“The girls and I have a group chat and talk every day or two, and the guys will be lifelong friends,” she said. “They're the only people who have properly experienced what I've experienced there, so they are like a different category of friends.”

She also discussed her love triangle with Hunter and Alex at the start of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 and why she ultimately selected Alex. “I was genuinely really confused; I liked both of them,” she went on to say.

“It's difficult because it's not like you can lose sight of one and forget about them when you're in a villa with five guys.” They were both around the entire time, and it was difficult to get to know them both at the same time and make a decision.”

“Spending time with Alex, I realized that we had a very similar dry sense of humor,” she continued. We got along like a house on fire. I don't think I've ever laughed as much with a guy as I have with Alex. So I only have to trust my instincts.”

Is Elys Hutchinson Dating Anyone?

No, Elys is not dating anyone. She confirmed that she is still single in an interview with Elite Daily, saying she was focusing on her career in Los Angeles rather than her romantic life.

Are Alex and Elys Still Together

“Right now, I'm concentrating on my career.” I'm in Los Angeles with my family and having a great time. “I'm open to going on dates, meeting new people, and seeing where it goes, but I'm perfectly content being single and doing my own thing,” she explained.

Who Is Alex Snell Dating Now?

Alex is back in London after appearing on Too Hot To Handle, and he recently announced on Instagram that he met fellow cast member Louis. It is not confirmed that she is dating anyone during this time.

He's also anxious to keep his followers updated on his gym progress, and there's no shortage of topless photos on his page.

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Alex used to work as a personal trainer and offered free workout programs during the pandemic, inviting individuals who utilized them to donate to mental health charity Devon Mind, according to DevonLive.

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