Aquaman 3 Release Date: Cast | Plot | Is Amber Heard Still In This Film?

Aquaman 3 Release Date: Aquaman is an American superhero film based on the same-named DC Comics character.

DC Entertainment and Peter Safran Productions produced the film, which was distributed by Warner Bros.

It is the sixth film in the DC Extended Universe, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures (DCEU).

The sequel to 2018’s Aquaman, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom, is much-awaited.

It will be helmed by James Wan once again and released later this year on the big screen.

According to the director; who is most known for his work on the horror flicks Saw and Insidious; the latest entry in the Aquaman film series will see him return to his original paths while also exploring new subjects.

He told Total Film (in a new tab) in an interview; “Planet of the Vampires was a major inspiration for Aquaman 2.

You can take the boy out of the horror, but you can’t take the boy out of the horror.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Plot

“When an ancient power is unleashed; Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis and the world; from irreversible devastation;” according to Warner Bros.

Aquaman 3 Release Date

“When an ancient power is unleashed; Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis and the world; from irreversible devastation.”

That’s all we know for now, but we’ll keep you updated as additional story details become available!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Cast

Many of the original Aquaman cast members are returning for the sequel, including Jason Momoa, who reprises his role as Arthur Curry, better known as his superhero alter ego Aquaman.

Aquaman 3 Release Date

He is half-human, half-Atlantean, and can interact with marine life.

Amber Heard will reprise her role as Princess Mera, and Patrick Wilson will reprise his role as Arthur’s half-brother, Orm Marius. King Nereus will be played by Dolph Lundgren, and Black Manta will be played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Vincent Regan as Atlan, and Jani Zhao as Stingray are among the other cast members.

An Aquaman 3 With Jason Momoa Is Already in the Works

Jason Momoa’s role in Aquaman 3 may seem a little premature given that we haven’t even seen Aquaman 2 yet.

Aquaman 3 Release Date

  • But this is Hollywood, where studios often look at two (or many more) films ahead before the one right in front of them is even close to being made. Hollywood studios often look two movies ahead.
  • As a result, DC Comics is already planning Aquaman 3 for some unspecified day in the distant future, which isn’t all that shocking.
  • We have confirmation that Jason Momoa and the Aquaman movie series have a long-term strategy in mind. This means that Aquaman 2 will be set up for more stories down the road.
  • Overall, this is an excellent method of pre-planning a project for filmmakers because it gives them the security of knowing that their work is safe while also giving them ideas for a character’s story.
  • Aquaman 2 hasn’t even been given the green light yet, so this is putting the wagon before the horse.
  • There’s a good chance Aquaman 2 will be made. Even though the DC Extended Universe cost just $180 million to produce, it managed to earn over $1.15 billion at the box office.
  • As a result, the film was favorably received by critics, who praised both the story’s sincerity and the film’s effects.
  • Seeing Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, you could tell this phenomenon wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Over the previous few years, though, there have been numerous stops and starts regarding a sequel.
  • James Wan is returning to direct, with Jason Momoa on board, according to reports.

However, pre-production was meant to begin in earnest in 2020, thus they may be behind a track from a scheduling aspect. It’s not a development hell or anything like that.

No One’s Ever Told You About This Yet: After Losing a Trial- Amber Heard Was Reported to Have Been Dropped From ‘Aquaman 2’!

Amber Heard has dismissed rumors that her character as Mera may be recast in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

  • According to a source, Warner Brothers opted to recast Amber Heard’s character after screening the movie.
  • According to the source, Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman were supposed to be involved in reshoots.
  • Rumors about Heard’s impending divorce have been circulating since the beginning of his career, a spokesman for the actor told the New York Post. “The rumor mill continues as it has from day one,” the representative said. “It is wrong, insensitive, and a little ridiculous.”
  • The New York Post has also contacted Warner Bros. for comment.
  • After a high-profile defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp, the troubled actress has been removed from the show.
  • The 36-year-old problematic actress claimed that Warner Brothers “didn’t want to include me” in the DC Comics sequel during her highly publicized defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp.
  • On the other hand, Heard stated that she was “actively booking” filming times before Johnny Depp’s legal team allegedly initiated a campaign against her. As far as she was concerned, her role in the picture was greatly reduced.
  • A sequence in which she and another character engaged in combat was cut, and she testified in court in Fairfax, Virginia. “They pulled a lot out of my role,” she said. Just a bunch was taken out, they said.
  • According to Heard in her testimony, the studio “doesn’t want to incorporate” her in this new project.


Aquaman 3 Release Date

On March 17, 2023, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be released.

The film was originally scheduled to debut on December 16, 2022, but Warner Bros. postponed it as part of a wider reshuffle of DC superhero films.

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