Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date: Design, Price, Specifications & Latest News!

The Apple Watch Series 8 looks like it will come out like it usually does in the fall. It will probably only work with iPhones again, but that won't stop it from being the most popular smartwatch on the market.

Even though Apple won't say anything about the new hardware until it announces it, there have been a lot of leaks and rumors about the Apple Watch Series 8 since before the Apple Watch 7 came out last year.

Here's what we know about the Apple Watch Series 8, such as when it's expected to come out, how much it will cost, what its specs are, and more.

When Will Apple Watch Series 8 Come Out?

Apple has never changed when it comes to when it announces new products, so we have always known that the Apple Watch would come out in early September. A new report says that the Apple September 2022 event will take place on September 7, so it doesn't look like this year will be any different.

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

Both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the iPhone 14 should be released. The actual shipping date has been less consistent, but Apple usually sticks to the Friday of the week after the announcement, which would be September 16 in this case.

The Cost of the Apple Watch Series 8

People expect Apple to keep the price of the Apple Watch the same, with the base model starting at $399. Upgrading to the cellular model should again cost $100 on top of the $30 extra you'll pay for the more oversized Apple Watch.

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This is true for both the base model and the larger model. Prices for different case materials, like stainless steel or titanium, will increase the price, probably back to where it is now, between $699 and $799.

The only thing that could change the price this year is the rumored Apple Watch Series 8 Pro, a high-end “rugged” model for extreme sports with a bigger screen. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman mentioned it in his Power On newsletter, and others have confirmed it.

We'll talk about some of this model's possible specs below, but the price could start at $899, which would put it above even the Titanium version, but that's just a guess.

Series 8 Apple Watch: Design

The Apple Watch's design has changed relatively slightly over the years, with last year's larger display being one of the most notable modifications, but things could change this year.

Ahead of the Apple Watch Series 7 introduction, a series of leaks by Jon Prosser in collaboration with @IanZelbo, followed by a series of leaks from PhoneArena, revealed a stunning new look for the Apple Watch.

These images and the reportedly leaked schematics on which they were based depicted an Apple Watch that adheres to Apple's current flat-edge design language found on the bulk of its lineup.

It's likely that these leaks were premature and that the schematics were for the Apple Watch Series 8. There have been far fewer leaks about the Apple Watch 8 design this year, so for the time being, this is all we have.

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

The above larger challenging variant is the one exception. Aside from Mark Gurman's disclosures, DSCC's Ross Young and Haitong International Securities' Jeff Pu have also claimed that a 2-inch Apple Watch display will be available this year.

That would be a 5% increase in size over the most extensive Series 7 display. Gurman believes this Pro model will be “an extension of the present rectangular shape, rather than circular.” Still, he also denies that it would be flat-edged and will employ a titanium chassis with a more shatter-resistant display.

Apple Watch Series 8: Specifications

While watchOS 9 will provide many new capabilities to both current Apple Watch owners and Series 8 customers, there are some potential Series 8-only additions.

The most noticeable of these is a body-temperature sensor. Still, Gurman believes that the blood pressure and glucose sensors that some have speculated about will not appear until 2025 or later.

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

We also anticipate internal improvements that will provide performance boosts and possibly better battery life, but there have been no direct leaks to give any specifics.

Size Options

According to display analyst Ross Young, one Apple Watch Series 8 model due in 2022 will have a 5% bigger display. The Apple Watch is expected to have a diagonal display size of 1.99 inches.

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This is more extensive than the 1.901-inch diagonal size of the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the more oversized Apple Watch will be the “rugged” model in the works.

S8 Chip

The Apple Watch Series 8 will use the same S8 chip as the S7, which means no significant gains in speed or efficiency. Instead, Apple's 2023 Apple Watch models will include a new processor.

Low-Power Mode

The forthcoming Apple Watch may include an upgraded low-power mode that allows more operating functionalities while preserving battery life.

Update on Activity Tracking

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 8 will have “significant changes” to activity monitoring. There has been no word on what might change.

Apple Watch 8 Battery Life

We don't have any specific leaks on the Apple Watch Series 8 battery capacity. Still, it shouldn't differ significantly from the one found on the Apple Watch Series 7, as long as the new design doesn't change things too much for the wearable.

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

Overall, we expect the next smartwatch to have a one-day or day-and-a-half battery life, but Apple could pull some strings and surprise us with far greater battery life than expected.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is said to have a massive battery, possibly around 500mAh, so there's always the possibility of an Apple Watch with a more extensive and denser battery cell. For more information, please visit us.