Apex Legends Season 13: What is the Length of the Apex Seasons?

Seasons in Apex Legends are a little different than in other games in that one season is divided into two halves rather than one continuous season. It is possible to play Apex on a number of various maps, and for players that participate in ranked mode, the first split takes place on one map and the second split takes place on another.

apex legends season 13

The first split for Season 12 took place on Olympus, which was reintroduced into the map rotation this season with various modifications, while the most recent split for ranked took place on Kings Canyon.

There have been a number of changes mentioned for ranked in the upcoming season, including the removal of the RP cap for kills and the ability to earn RP from kills your teammates obtain, even if you do not manage to inflict any damage on them.

Season 13 of Apex Legends

There have been numerous adjustments made to Ranked in Apex Legends Season 13, and the following is a breakdown of what is to come:

Kill RP has been eliminated, allowing you to obtain as many kills as you choose, but the base value has been reduced as a result.

The time between assists has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds, giving you a better chance of receiving your assists. If a player is revived, the assist timer will reset, which means that even if your teammate kills them after they have been revived, you will still be able to earn the assist points.

Demotion from a higher-tier will be limited to half of the lower-tier level 1, i.e. Masters will be degraded to a maximum of diamond 1 after being demoted from the higher-tier.

In order to compensate, the RP thresholds have been raised by 200RP.

When Does Apex Legends Season 13 Begin?

Currently, it is estimated that Season 13 will begin on May 10, which means that the patch notes will not be far after. The update will be made available at 6 p.m. BST.

The Apex Legends Season 13: The New Castle New Legend

apex legends season 13

According to the most recent Apex Legends leak, Newcastle is a support legend that possesses a variety of defensive abilities. As with most leaks, we'd caution against taking everything at face value, but this gameplay footage is so detailed that it's hard not to be convinced. Newcastle appears to be ready to go, despite the fact that there may be some last-minute balancing adjustments to make.
In the claimed clip, there are some oddities like as Newcastle using Mirage's opening selection screen position, but we expect small issues like these to be fixed before Season 13 premieres. We have cause to assume Newcastle is Bangalore's brother – Jackson Williams was revealed in an early January Stories from the Outlands video to be the brother of the aforementioned Bangalore.
Despite the fact that we know he's considered dead at some time in the future, the film focuses on Jackson's past with the IMC. Remember, this is Apex Legends, and no one is officially dead until we see a corpse lying around. Do you recall Mad Maggie? In the comics, she was thrown to her death, only for her to return to the Apex Games a year later and compete. Finally, Jackson has a striking physical similarity to Newcastle, raising the possibility that the two individuals have more in common than we previously realised.

Skull Town, Apex Legends Season 13, Part 1

In a recent tweet, Josh Medina, senior producer at Respawn Entertainment, hinted that Skull Town might be returning in the near future. When Skull Town was destroyed in Season 5 of Apex Legends, it was a component of Kings Canyon, the game's very first battle royale level.
A temporary return of the original Kings Canyon, complete with Skull Town, was made possible via the Genesis Collection Event in June 2021, but the map was removed from the game long after.
Teaser For Season 13 of Apex Legends

On the official Apex Legends Twitter account, the message ‘remain calm' was accompanied by an animated GIF. Moving towards the map, a radar is shown with a red target highlighted and the words ‘anomaly identified' written on it.

This could be a reference to the Leviathans, which appear on a number of Apex Legends maps and are considered to be dangerous. On Kings Canyon, the Leviathans were able to destroy players who got in their way, but they were never a genuine menace on the battlefield.

Apparently, the Apex Legends YouTube channel has announced the name of Season 13, which will be Saviors in the game. This could be a reference to the cities of Bangalore and Newcastle – Bangalore is due to leave the Apex Games, but Newcastle's unexpected entrance in the games could prevent her from returning to her planet of origin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

apex legends season 13

Do You Think Apex Legends is Going to be Cancelled?

Generally speaking, the Apex Legends seasons last about three months on average. Season 12 of Defiance is expected to conclude in May.

When is the Following Season's Apex Going to be?

The start date and time for the upcoming season have already been announced by Respawn. It is expected that Apex Legend Season 13 Ranked Split 1 will begin on May 10, 2022, at approximately 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 17:00 GMT.

What is the Length of the Apex Seasons?

Seasons are predetermined periods of time during which new content for Apex Legends is released. In most cases, they endure roughly three months and are timed to coincide with Ranked play. There is a new Battle Pass, game-balancing adjustments, new cosmetic items and a new Legend with each Season's release. They can also incorporate new elements, such as map alterations and weapons, into the game world.

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