Switch Exclusive Anuchard, Inspired by Soul Blazer & Terranigma, Gets a Gameplay Trailer and a Date!

What is Anuchard?

Anuchard, a 2D action role-playing game for the PC produced by Indonesia-based developer stellarNull, is influenced by Quintet-made games such as the 1992 release Soul Blazer and the 1995 release Terranigma, among others.

There was no announcement regarding a release date. A demo is now available for download through Steam, Itch.io, and Game Jolt.

Anuchard Release Date

The developer, Freedom Games, has stated that an improved role-playing game (Anuchard) will be released on the Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2022. This will feature the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X, as well as the PC via Steam.


It is inspired by two Quintet masterpieces, Soul Blazer and Terranigma, and it, like these games, revolves around the rebirth of individuals and civilization as a whole.

We provide public relations services to unravel the secrets of a cursed village where inhabitants' souls are crystallized for eternity by their bodies, which are sold to fund the investigation.

Anuchard Gameplay

You'll become the bell-wielding savior by taking on an army of villains in a fast-paced action-packed adventure.

You can use your Audros Bell to attack foes and items once they come into touch with it, which appears to be useful in battle and riddles.


Another option is to bake the tallow in an oven, which will look similar to adding salt to the tallow.

In addition, the game promises to deliver exhilarating boss confrontations. The trailer for Anuchard's announcement is a good piece of advice to follow.

I've written before about how badly I want Square Enix to bring back the Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma trilogy following the revival of Quintets ActRaiser with ActRaiser Renaissance, but a brand new game that is inspired by those titles would be fantastic as well, as I've previously stated.

I have an idea for a game to play in this vein that I would really like to play before I die, and I'm hoping to have it done before I die.

We can only hope that Anuchard will be able to realize his full potential on Switch next year.

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