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Antonio Banderas Girlfriend: Is He Going to Marry His Girlfriend?

We know that you all want to know if Antonio Banderas and his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel are still together. Have the two people in love secretly tied the knot? Find out the answer to the question above by reading on.

Banderas and Kimpel Engaged?

When Nicole added the last name of the Spanish actor to her Instagram profile, people began to say that the two were married. Nicole Banderas is now her name on the profile.

Antonio Banderas Girlfriend

As of right now, the couple has not told anything official about it. We hope the two will let their fans know as soon as possible. Nicole has almost 67.1k followers on the social media site Instagram right now.

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Right Now, Antonio and Nicole Are Having a Good Time in Madrid

Right now, the two are just taking it easy in Spain. Antonio and Nicole are having the best time in Madrid, Spain. Since they have been sharing many photos and videos from their trip with their fans worldwide, it looks like the couple is having much fun.

“Beautiful dinner in Madrid ūüĆô‚ú®Have good nightūüėė,” she captioned the post. Kimpel also added a few hashtags, “#romanticdinner”, “#couple”, “#friends”, “#madrid”, “#sundayfunday”, and “#nights”, in the caption of the Instagram post.


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A post shared by Nicole Banderas (@nickykim2807)

In the picture that Antonio's boyfriend shared, they can be seen smiling from ear to ear. Both of them are seen wearing black clothes. It looks like the couple thought about matching for their romantic date night. We have to say that they look happy to be together.

Antonio Claimed That His Girlfriend Nicole Saved His Life

Banderas told Extra's Billy Bush that his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel saved his life during a conversation. His boyfriend gave him an aspirin, which saved his life. In 2016, he had a heart attack. At the time, he was 56.

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The actor from Spy Kids told everyone what happened and said, “She had a headache the night before my heart attack, so she went to get some painkillers.

Since the pharmacy was closed, she went to the grocery store, bought some water, and then… She purchased a 500-milligram box of aspirin. When she went to pay, the cashier told her, “You dropped something.” It was the painkiller.

Antonio went on to say, “She went home. The next morning, I had a heart attack. The first thing she did was take aspirin and put it under my tongue. That saved my life.”

Antonio Banderas Girlfriend

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Hollywood actor talked about what he learned from his close call with death. He said, “Things I used to care about no more extended matter to me.

You pay attention to what's essential. My daughter, friends, family, and acting jobs are all natural. In a way, this is very stupid, but it's probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me.”

We can't wait to see the future for the two of them. Don't forget to check back with us to find out what's happening in the world of show business.

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