Antoni Porowski Net Worth: Is He The Richest Member Of The Fab Five?

Antoni Porowski is a multitalented Canadian who has worked as a chef, actor, model, author, and TV host. In the Netflix original series “Queer Eye,” Antoni Porowski plays the role of the resident sommelier. Both “Antoni in the Kitchen” and “Antoni: Let's Do Dinner” are his cookbooks, and he co-owned the restaurant The Village Den in New York City from 2018 to 2021.

There are a number of films, TV shows, and miniseries that include Porowski's acting talents: Elliott Loves, Daddy's Boy, Sleepaway Slasher, Blue Mountain State, The Blacklist, and Lip Sync Battle (2019). In this article, we will read Antoni Porowski Net Worth in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Who Is Antoni Porowski?

Antoni Porowski is a multitalented Canadian who has worked as a chef, actor, model, author, and TV host. Antoni Porowski's birth date is March 14, 1984, and he was born Antoni Janusz Porowski in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

His Polish parents raised him, and his dad is a physician. Antoni was up speaking English, French, and Polish with his two elder sisters. For Porowski, who learned to cook on his own, “food has always been such an important part of growing up,” as he explained in an interview for “Grub Street” in 2018.

Antoni Porowski Net Worth

I have always had a strong interest in food and cooking because of the many cookbooks and unusual ingredients we brought back from our family's travels. Now that I was on my own and not as pampered as I once was, I had to learn how to cook if I wanted to continue hosting dinner parties after leaving for college. Essentially, I educated myself. There was a lot of PBS and Julia Child.

Quick Facts about Antoni Porowski

Full Name Antoni Porowski
Date of Birth Mar 14, 1984
Place of Birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Gender Male
Profession TV personality

What Is Antoni Porowski Net Worth?

His Netflix position for Queer Eye earns him roughly $10,000 per episode, bringing his total revenue from the show to around $350,000 per season. This doesn't even include the money he makes from other business ventures, such as his book contract, furniture flipping, and restaurant.

In addition to his acting and modeling careers, he has amassed a fortune of more than $8 million thanks to product endorsements and other income streams from companies including Yummers, a pet food firm he co-founded with Jonathan Van Ness, and JoeyNYC, a grooming brand for men.

That money makes him the richest member of the Queer Eye crew. As we can see, Porowski spreads his financial risk by investing in things and companies that fit with his lifestyle and values, reaping the benefits when he travels with his partner around the United States and the world, hosts parties at his home, and cultivates his personal brand through social media.

How Does Antoni Porowski Make Money?

Antoni first appeared on screen in “The Diary,” a short film released in 2008; he later appeared as a guest star on “Blue Mountain State” in 2010. With roles in “The Apartment, “Withdrawal”, and “To My Father” under his belt, he made his feature film debut in 2012's “Elliot Loves.”

In addition to his role as a guest star on “The Blacklist” in 2014, Porowski has since had feature appearances in such diverse fares as “Daddy's Boy”, “Blood Surf”, “The Pretenders”, and “Horror Time”.

Antoni Porowski Net Worth

With Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and Bobby Berk (experts in fashion, culture, grooming, and design, respectively), Porowski joined the cast of “Queer Eye” in 2018.

The Village Den, a fast-food establishment Antoni co-founded in 2018 with Lisle Richards and Eric Marx, was shut down in 2021. After making an appearance on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and providing his voice for an episode of the Netflix animated series “Big Mouth” titled “Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!,” the magazine “People” awarded him the year's Sexiest Reality Star.

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